“Three Dreams of the Jewish People”
(time frame of the three dreams, 2006-2007)

A few years ago I had three dreams over a period of two years.
These dreams regarding the Jews were all connected.

Many times the Holy Spirit changes His style of presentation,
sometimes the dreams stand by themselves, other times they are connected as was this case.


The First Dream

“The Long Corridor”

The dream began with me looking down a long corridor; I could not see the end for it was so long. On the left side was a cinder block wall and to the right jail cells.

As I was walking down the long corridor, I could see arms sticking out of the cells. These cells were full of people, standing room only from the front to the back.

And I heard the Lord saying,
(authorities) are letting out murderers and every type of criminal in order to make more room for My people the Jews.”

End of dream

It causes me great pain to know that in the very near future, the spirit of anti-Semitism will rise to a boiling point here in America. The Jews will be fleeing for their very lives from the United States. What was once considered a safe haven of peace, security and prosperity will have become a place of incarceration and death.

Not only will this apply to the Jews but also to the Christians. Regardless of if you are a religious or secular Jew, it will not matter. Anyone who confesses God will be targeted, both Jews and Christians will be hated. America will be suffering the effects of terrorism and a deep economic depression. In all of this many will seek to blame someone for their misery and it will fall first to the Jew and then also to the Christians.

Finally, after centuries of anti-Semitism within the Church, we (the True Church) will have recognized and repented of our sin before God. How we have caused our Jewish brothers to be grieved when we cast him out of Spain and England! We pursued him and killed his family and ancestors and gave him a reason to accuse and hate the name of Christ and curse the name of God.

But now finally, many Christian believers within the True Church will love and sacrifice themselves for the Jewish people. The Christians will also be under great persecution will be helping the Jews by hiding them and assisting them in their escape from America.

We will be telling neighbors and friends that these are our aunts, uncles nieces and nephews and cousins, anyway that we might protect them. Many Christians will lose their lives in order to protect our Jewish brothers!

The earned mistrust of the Jewish people will dissolve and they will recognize and embrace the true Messiah of Israel, Yeshua, the Christ. There will be many ways the Lord will begin to reveal Himself to His own and they begin to see and receive their Messiah.

There were two parts of this Second dream
First part
“We had become one”

There were a group of us men in a circle, a gentile believer then a Jew, a gentile believer then a Jew,
following the pattern perhaps there were six of us.

We were dancing and worshipping together and our arms were interlocked and
Great Joy was in abundance, we were all laughing and singing,
“we had become one” for All Labels had fallen away.

Same dream, second part

I saw myself hugging a little Jewish man and we were just hugging and laughing and hugging and laughing and celebrating our love for the Messiah and sharing our joy with one another “For We Were One!”

Third Dream
Dream of our Incarceration

October 21, 2007


There was an outside holding area, similar to a football stadium.

There were many hundreds if not thousands of us, and we were all men. It was fairly cold, in the 50’s.
I knew these men but had been away a short time and now I was rejoining them.

When I first re-entered this place, I thought it to be a place of work but quickly realized it was some type of containment center and none of us wanted to be there!

A Jewish man was turning sideways to show me that on the arm of his coat was a patch and the color
of the patch was a bright yellowish orange with dark red printing on it marking them as Jews.
He was saying “look what they make us do.” I saw this patch on the upper sleeve of many.

Either this same man or another was telling me that he had divorced his Gentile wife.
He did not divorce her because he did not love her but just the opposite, he divorced her in hope to save her.

This was not for Jews only but Gentile believing (Christian) men as well.

Yet something was different, we were one!

There was a collective emotion of deep friendship, trust and love with all of us towards one another.
There was so much compassion for each other almost to a point that we nearly cried when the
one man told his story of divorcing his wife. But all of us had similar stories of great loss to gain Christ.

There was no thought of Christian and Jew, for all the labels among us had disappeared and
we were now one in the Spirit!

There was a committed love for Jesus, our Yeshua the Messiah.

The authorities had not told us their plan for us so there was great uncertainty of our future,
yet we knew our lives were in peril.

My prayer came, “thank you Lord that I am numbered among your chosen.”

And the Scripture came to me:
And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,
and they did not love their lives to the death. Revelation 12:11