“Preparing for the Supernatural

Dancing Lights

February 14th, 2018



Some months ago I purchased and installed security cameras for my condo. While our ultimate faith is in the Lord, simply put, we lock our doors to keep honest men honest.  These cameras are motion activated and have night vision. Usually I leave the system off until I either go to bed or leave my condo. Once the system is armed, if there is any movement, they automatically activate and begin recording.


Since I do not like the bright sun streaming in to my bedroom in the early morning, I close my bedroom door. The first night the cameras were installed, I went in to my bedroom, closed the door and armed the system. However I sat down just to view and consider how well the cameras were working. Instead of turning on the auto activation, I took the cameras live.


This is when it began!

I watched as one of the “Live” cameras caught a white light about the size of a man’s hand in a fist. Yes I remember the scripture of a man’s hand when Elijah declared an end to the drought upon the land. However, the camera did not record the event nor has the cameras ever recorded the dancing lights.


Now most nights and must admit, I look forward to this time. I go into my bedroom, sit down, arm the system and then go “live” meaning the cameras are in “real time”.


In this way, I can then observe moment by moment the happenings out in the living room and foyer. I sit amazed watching as these bright lights flash around in different directions. I have actually counted as many as 30 plus of these lights moving about within 3-4 minutes.


Sometimes they go straight up through the ceiling and sometimes a few will move in a certain direction almost in unison but usually in different directions. Some lights seem a little smaller than others but could be the distance to the camera. Most are moving about quickly not just floating around. On one occasion, I watched, as there was a slight reflection off of the mirror in the foyer and also around the stereo in a bookcase.


Have conducted experiments

Have made sure there is absolutely no light coming in from any direction from the outside. This is very easy to control since I live on the water so is very dark on most nights. There is really only one dinning room window but is entirely covered and is over in a corner. I have turned off the ionizer, turned off the heater and A/C thinking they could possibly be moving dust particles around. Even with all of this, the lights continue every night when I look for them. Have also tried this during the day without any results. Am thinking the night vision is picking up their movement.


This is the interesting part

Initially I was a bit concerned but felt at peace and began praying in tongues. This seemed to be the catalyst causing even more activity!


Since then, I just love on the Lord and many times pray in the Spirit and watch the dancing lights as a normal part of my time in the evening. Perhaps the Angels know when a man (from the Spirit) is praying and I am seeing just a little of their activity. However either way, I am as delighted to watch them as they are me!


Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2


Dear one, yes we know this passage can translate to entertain Angels when they temporarily take on the form of man as found in the Bible. However do we not think that Angles walk through the rooms of our homes?


Since we know the Angels have personalities, loyalty to the Lord, they rejoice when a man comes into the Kingdom and rejoicing would include laughter and they even sing. Does it seem unusual to you they enjoy watching us? Listening to our worship music or even hearing our dumb jokes! We are actually entertaining Angels within the walls of our homes. Remembering we are made in the image of the King! 


Know this, God is no respecter of men! What I am observing in the night season with dancing lights that I believe to be Angels, if you belong to the Lord, then you too have access to the Affairs of the Kingdom.


Dear Saints, Like so many of you, I have been undergoing great testing!


Yet I hear the Spirit saying the following.

“Prepare yourselves to live in the Supernatural!”


Times have shifted; we have entered a time when if you cannot walk with the walkman, how will you run with the horses. At one time, we had two choices, being a spectator on the sidelines or the one who actively engaged but that time is no more! Lukewarm will not allow you access into the Kingdom.


Have you not felt His Presence in a far greater way of recent? The Spirit is making manifest the things of the Spirit in a more obvious way, we must prepare to receive the blessing.


Many years ago the Lord gave me
“Twenty-One Supernatural Events that will come upon the Church”, Here is the LINK to that article.




About six years ago, there was a “Cloud” that appeared in my bedroom,
Here is the LINK to that article.




Dear Saints,

Knowing that we have a High Priest who knows our weaknesses and infirmities, many are enduring pain, disease and results of the enemy’s onslaught. However we have Spiritual Weapons waiting for your use but they are worthless until you pick them up!

A man of war is given a weapon, though powerful and able to deliver  his life, the weapon has absolutely no value when it is left behind.

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; 2nd Corinthians 10:4


  1. Reading the Word (renewing your mind)
  2. Taking Communion every day (with even common elements)
  3. Making godly declarations out loud, the devil cannot read your mind, it is up to you to make sure he hears your spiritual voice and knows your Intentions.
  1. Praying in tongues, cannot stress this enough! This is the Spirit within you making intercession for you, this is “Pure Prayer”.
  1. “Saying, singing and praying the name of Jesus!”
    Every knee has to bow at the Name of Jesus. When the devil comes at you with an attack, you should respond by “saying, singing and praying the Name of Jesus”, in so doing, you are making it very Unprofitable for the enemy to come against you!
  1. Playing worship music in your home will change the atmosphere!


 Submit yourselves therefore to God.
Resist the devil,
and he will flee from you.
James 4:7



Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable