“Refreshing the Commander and Chief”

January 23rd, 2018



 This was a short dream

We were all outside and I was seated just five feet or so in front of President Trump and he was slightly elevated from where I sat.


There was a small area of division between us and he had several people surrounding him except the space directly in front in which he faced me. I too had many people surrounding me except directly in front of me facing the President so there was no one between us.


When I first viewed the President, he looked hot, sweaty and tired. Assumed it was from the exposure to the sun and the President appeared to be very weary.


It was then I took a bottle of fresh water and passed it over to him and he took a drink and handed it back and almost instantly he actually looked better.


Each time I offered him the drink of water, he took and drank.

And each time, he became more and more refreshed.

End of dream


From this dream I believe the Lord is saying the following.

Every time we pray for President Trump, it is though we are sustaining him with “living water from the Throne Room of God” and an ever so brief moment of cleansing from all the harsh criticism.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable