The Harvest, the Telescope & Hebrews

January 18th, 2018



Greetings dear Saints, I had a rather interesting dream last night that involved three parts. My dear step-dad passed away about ten years ago and just prior to his passing, I led Dad to the Lord, although he may have already made his commitment to the Lord before we prayed together.


The dream began

Dad and I were going sailing (my idea) but Dad wanted to go to a festival of some sort so we were walking toward the festival. While we were walking, he began to hoover and then fly over me. In order to keep up with him, I began to walk faster but had to run to keep up with Dad.


(Interpretation: While I wanted to do an earthly pleasure, Dad wanted to do a spiritual thing as in seeing the Harvest. We were together in the spirit as brothers in the Lord however since Dad had gone home, he was flying and I had to run.)  


As soon as we arrived at this festival we were immediately separated. Believe this festival was actually the Harvest; there were all ages, all shapes and sizes, all colors and nationalities. There were throngs of people everywhere; all moving about in a festive mood, there was a sense of joy!


As I followed the paved path through the crowd, it curved to the right down towards a large lake. The lake was normal with the exception of a steel structure with seats built out on the lake above the water. The top of the structure had a high platform with people standing on the platform where they could see all the activity.


Believe the people standing on the platform could very possibly be those of the Prophetic, Apostles, Prophets and those who have faith to prophesy.


The steel structure was attached to the land and there were wooden breakwaters in the water that were built in order to keep the waves from eroding the land. These wooden breakwaters were only a few inches above the water. So I walked out on them with my feet only a few inches above the water level.

There was a man who I perceived as an Angel, who yelled down from the platform saying. 

“Do you see the telescope?” And I replied, “Yes.” The telescope was floating in the water. My thought was, it was a very large telescope, much larger than the one I currently own.


Then he said, “Can you reach it?” and I responded, “Yes I can.”

So I reached out and grabbed a hold of the telescope. 


(Interpretation, I have a telescope with the diameter being about 3-4 inches. However this telescope that was floating in the water was 4–5 times larger meaning it was 4-5 times more powerful. As I laid in my bed thinking on this, I felt the Spirit saying, that the new telescope would enable me to see 4-5 times more clearly into the Spirit than what I was currently experiencing.)


Then another man who I also perceived as an Angel who was sitting on a beam half way down on the backside of the structure, yelled down to me saying a few words I could not make out and then said the two words, “In Hebrews.”

(Interpretation: while I do not remember the first few words, I do remember him saying, “In Hebrews.”

End of dream


So today I began reading the book of Hebrews with a much keener interest. The first chapter has already revealed several things that I had not seen before. 


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable