“The Two Timelines of God”

October 11, 2017


Greetings Dear Saints,

Many times when the Spirit is about to move us to do a thing or arrive at His position ideologically/theologically, it may come as a suddenly or in a slower more methodical fashion. It could almost be described as though the Spirit was marinating our spirit in and with those things He wishes to convey, such as been the case with this word. 

This information has been in my spirit for at least a few years or more. It became a prayer that I might comprehend and clear away my confusion. I have been desperate to reconcile all that I have seen and heard through simple downloads, outside input, words and dreams since the Spirit comes in such a myriad of ways. 

The title words “the two timelines of God” actually came to me some weeks ago. Believe they were an answer to the prayer. I have repeatedly called out to the Lord saying,

“I do not understand. I am shown such contrasting dreams and words, why am I not understanding?”

The last dream I wrote was “Great Resources Are Coming to Believers” and “The Muslim woman threw the Bible at me”. A dear lady named Jan wrote to me saying the following. 

What two diverse pictures you paint.”

While I knew they were diverse in their very nature, when I read Jan’s translation of what I had written, it only confirmed the fact that this article had be written. 


“The Two Camps”

There seems to be a quiet and at times not so quiet conversation among Believers as to where America is headed and this process has most certainly intensified. At times this discussion not only becomes a bit heated but also has begun to cause more fractures and greater separation within the Body. As if the Church needed any further division.

Every one appears to be right in their own eyes!

The Church has such a varied view of eschatology. I have often thought it would be far easier for a thousand scientists to enter a room and within a short time emerge from that room with one common statement of agreement. In other words, they could find a consensus even though they had different fields of expertise and differing views within those same studies.

Whereas you could take a dozen Believers and they would not be able to agree on the Biblical version of the end times scenario. That is how divided we are as the Household of Faith. And as long as our pride demands to be right, it will continue to be a house divided.


The First Camp has the slogan,
“Everything is gonna be alright!”

There are many prophetic words coming forth saying that we are surely headed into prosperous and wonderful times. The Supreme Court will be replaced with more conservative voices and we will re-write and abolish the abortion laws. The jobs will again flourish and the economy will begin to soar. We will have peace and security and America will become great again. We will resurge to assume our rightful position among the nations.   

If you have read “The Trump Prophecies”, you could conclude from the book that all the above prognostications lie before us and while I do partially agree with them however there is much more to the story. I am not in total agreement with this book nor am I in total disagreement with the words given in the book.

However this view is only one side of a two-sided coin

Believe the Spirit has shown me one major idea that I had not previously considered. We know the Lord has given each prophetic person a part/portion of future events; no one has the entire picture. Every one who truly seeks the Lord who has received the fullness of the Spirit has the ability to prophesy. Therefore, we are given the prophetic word as the Spirit sees fit.


For example, there are two prophets

Each has a certain calling to speak in a certain way depending to some degree upon their personality type. One may well have a very different manner and message and it may seem completely opposite the first messenger but that does not necessarily translate to the one being wrong. 

It is simply that one is called for a certain purpose to bring a more positive word of encouragement and the other to bring a more difficult word for warning. Which is greater, which is right or wrong? Which message will you not receive?

Both of these messages are important and both are required to be given to the Body just as the Lord is All Just and All Merciful. There are what at times appear to be as conflicting messages but many times, they are not.

In addition to all of this, these two prophets may well crossover from one type message to the other occasionally and yet all of this is done in perfect orchestration being conducted by the Spirit.


The Second Camp has the slogan,
“Everything is going to Hell!”

There are most certainly two (2) streams of thought, a set of lines, parallel lines running concurrently. We know they are both working for good and yet half of them will appear to be All justice without mercy and the other will appear to be All mercy without justice. Your view will depend entirely upon your personal belief lens. So we see the individual believer is also prone to a certain slant just as the prophetic voice, they will each favor one camp or the other. Perhaps, this is the way in which we were made!

Believers are the ‘reproduction’ of Jesus who is the first fruit. We are being conformed into His likeness. Therefore we (as a Body) will take on both of His characters, the soft loving luring embracing persona as well as the one who comes as a voice of conviction who demands repentance. 

For certain I tell you that to a degree, both voices are correct. While I have seen very hard things coming, there will be a time of Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, followed by repentance followed by a short season of delightful prosperity. The transfer of wealth will occur in order to allow and usher in the last great harvest.  

Many will see the righteous (Christians) beginning to prosper and they will be envious of them. This will give them license to begin their persecution of Christians in America in a way we have never before experienced.There will be many more attacks on Churches during services.


And at the very same time…

The Time of Sorrows has begun even some years ago. We will and are seeing increased earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. They are increasing in both the total amount of events as well as their intensity. Weather conditions and predicting will rapidly change in to an unknown quantity. Confusion will begin to interfere with the meteorologists in their forecasting. They will simply have contradicting data.


We will see civil wars continuing to erupt among the nations including here in America, ethnos against ethnos, ethnic against ethnic. There are slowly developing groups who seek sedition, to overthrow the government here in America as well as in Israel. Many of these groups are actually paid for their crimes. 

One thing the Spirit has brought to me is to pray that righteousness will rise up out of the nations and prevail with righteous leaders and those who support them.

Yesterday evening I received an email from Pastor John Kilpatrick. To those of you who may remember the Brownsville revival, he was the pastor of that church.

Here is the word.

the Spirit of the Lord said to me shortly after 11 AM,

“Pray for America. America is entering into a season of eclipse.”
At this time, I do not grasp the full meaning of this, but I am opening Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama each night this week from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM for prayer. End


My personal belief is that we are about to see a dramatic uptick of disasters both world-wide and here in America.

I systematically went through a long list of dreams and words the Lord has given me over several years and I found that about 60% were positive and 40% could be construed as negative. I counted only dreams and words; I did not count any teachings, which are always positive.


I had a dream titled, “The Plateau of the Lord”
Back on January 31st, 2016.

In the dream, though I was still in this body, I was high up in the air, almost disconnected from the earth when I saw a “Living Map of the United States.”

Here is a copy of that word…

The dream began with my gazing down upon what appeared to be a “Living Map of America”. The movements on the Map could be traced in real time as they were happening. My initial response was first bewilderment and then amazement and finally a fear grasped me.


I was in a prone position on the very edge of this great plateau and was looking down upon this map.

I could clearly see a multitude of storms, hurricanes, explosions were going off and smoke was rising. There were many states, it was not every state but seemed to be sporadic cities and states as I viewed the map.

Note, this was not simply a high place with a valley. 
This “plateau” where the Believers were located was extremely high up! In fact I could not even see the connection between the high plateau and the map of America. In my mind, I felt we were connected but knowing it would be an impossibility to have such a view unless we were thousands of feet above the earth.

These chaotic events were all happening simultaneously and sporadically across all of America. I could not count them nor did I attempt to do so because the fear came!


In watching all of these things, fear gripped me! It was as though by observing and placing my focus on what was before my eyes and by this simple act, I had opened the door to the enemy. 


My position had been on the outer-rim of this great plateau and I edged myself back away from the place. There was a gigantic fortress type structure but it too extended to the very edge of the plateau. I considered going inside except my fleshly mind kept thinking of its proximity to the edge and the possibility of falling off. 


I went across a large street and viewed several small houses that seemed rather out of place and very flimsy compared to the great fortress. Among these small houses, on the outside of the houses would be 3 or 4 Believers all huddled together seeking protection, they all seemed to be in great fear.

End of dream



Interpretation of dream

This Plateau will be a place of safety for Believers who stay close to the Lord. It was far removed from the chaos that filled the earth. This will not alienate us from helping in the Harvest however as we walk through the fires that are raging, not even the smell of smoke will be upon us.

The Fortress was the Lords’ and the houses were there as a choice for those who (while they were safe) were still hiding and cowering in fear for they too had looked over the edge and observed all that was taking place and they chose to live in fear.


It will become an absolute necessity for Believers to avoid focusing on all the evil and upheaval that will soon fill the earth. If we allow ourselves to focus our attention on the wrong things, then our response will mirror that of the Unbelievers. 


What we “absorb into ourselves” will contribute greatly to who we will become. When in fear, it is truly impossible to hear the Holy Spirit. Learning to keep our peace in ALL situations will become paramount. 

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable