“Two Elephants in The House”


The night of the election, I went to bed at 10:15 PM after seeing that Senator Obama appeared unbeatable and destined to become the next President of the United States.

I had a dream and woke up at 3:30 AM.

In the dream, we were in a large house, we opened the doors because we Knew they were coming and Two Elephants came through the doors.

They were going from one room in to another and at one point the phone rang and one of the Elephants picked up the phone.

As the Elephant picked up the phone, we thought, how could this happen?

Please understand, we were not asking the question, “how could an elephant pick up a phone” but rather we were asking, with the election being decided, how could they (McCain and Palin) be called upon to lead our country.

We kept opening doors and closing doors that allowed and even guided the Elephants in to different parts of the house.

There were several of us involved in this process.

Eventually, we opened the front door and the Elephants exited.

The impression we all had was one of excitement, wonder, and gleeful amazement, we were all completely astounded.

There was exhilaration, excitement and we were awed by these Two Elephants, they had a wild majesty about them. We all knew that we had been very privileged by their presence.

It is my belief, that the “Two Elephants”
are Senator John McCain and
Governor Sarah Palin.

Initially thought the house was the White House but later felt the Lord correcting me. This was a smaller house, and felt it to be a miracle that these “Two Gigantic Elephants” could move so easily through such a confined area.

The confined area could represent the people’s choice vs. the Lord’s desire, that the Lord had made a way where there seemed to be no way.

Those two words came into my spirit, “Wild Majesty”, believe that the word Wild in this instance reflects their views when compared to man’s wisdom and the word Majesty interprets as God ordained.

The phone that one of the Elephants picked up, I believe was “The Call to Lead the Country.”

It is my strong belief from the impressions that I received, that circumstances will present themselves that will enable Senator McCain and Governor Palin to be called upon to lead our country or that Obama would be removed in some way and righteousness would be called to lead.

Must also add, in the dream, we were all still focused on the elections so it was not an extended amount of time when the call came in and the one elephant answered the phone.

I believe that Senator Obama will not serve as the next President of the United States.
UPDATE 2-21-09

All the impressions I was given during this dream keeps me from changing my position or the interpretation of the dream. Do not believe Obama will not be in the Presidency for any length of time,
that he will be removed.

We kept opening and closing Certain DOORS that both allowed and directed them through the house, this could be continued intercessory prayer before the Lord and this was guiding them to finish their calling and their course.

When the Elephants finished, they left us in the house, yet we were not sad or dismayed in any way, as though we had expected them to do this very thing, all of us who were observing all of this and involved in opening the doors were extremely Blessed!

It was our impression that the Two Elephants were headed out to accomplish what they were called, the end impression we all experienced was one of Great Joy and not sorrow!

When I reread the dream, it could almost be interpreted as having taken place, but that is NOT the impression that I had during the dream.

So, my one question to the Lord, has this dream taken place or is it a future event?

Without any doubt, this is a Future Event!

If this plays out the way I am understanding it from the Lord,
there will be a Civil War in America! America will be divided both individually and physically!

(see below the five things the Lord will bring to America)

Just a couple of weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the Lord spoke to me about

why it had happened. He gave me a very direct word concerning the tearing away of the Jews from the Gaza, the Land was given over to the Palestinians, this was a direct result of America badgering Israel to giving up the Land.


Here is a copy of that word.

“Who are we to divide “Your Land”?
January 20, 2006

And I hear the Spirit saying,
Who are we to divide “Your Land” and to make Your people homeless?

Who are we to take what God has ordained and brought into union that
America attempts to separate and cause divorce His people from the Land?

Who are we to say to the Lord, Israel is not Yours and Jerusalem is not Your resting place?

For I Am married to My people and I have joined My People to My Land.
And what I have joined together let no man put asunder
for these are Holy to the Lord, these are My Remnant!

And I will visit them once more and will reveal Myself to them, and in their distress,
they will cry out to Me and in their humility and remorse,
they will find the Holy One of Israel.

They will come to Me and I will fill them with My Spirit. And I will comfort,
provide and protect them with My hand, saith the Lord.

And they will Know Me whom they have not seen, for those who did see,
did not believe, but Now they will believe upon Me and
they will put their trust in Me for they will know that I AM their salvation!

And because America has concerned herself with what is Mine
and has been instrumental in dividing up My Land,
I will cause her land to be divided.

And because America has caused My people to be homeless,
I will cause her people to be homeless.

And because America has caused My people to be in need,
I will cause her people to be in need.

And because America has caused fear to come upon my people by their policies,
I will cause fear to come upon her people by My Name saith the Lord.

America, because you have dealt with My land and My people with a heavy hand
so shall I deal with your land and your people with a heavy hand!

Steve Grable