“Praying in the Spirit”

One Man’s Diary
and dream

October 2nd, 2017


Greetings Dear Saints,

I am about to bare my soul a bit through this letter which also includes a dream and a teaching. All of which involve and revolve around praying in the Holy Spirit, aka praying in the Holy Ghost or Tongues.

You would have thought that after 35 years as a Believer in the Lord Jesus, 31 of which as a Spirit Filled Saint, I would have arrived at this place just a little sooner. While we know that “there is a timing to everything under the sun” as well as “precept upon precept and line upon line”, it is truly amazing that at times, we can read the Word and not fully comprehend.

The Spirit has brought to me numerous dreams with me ministering to multitudes in the Holy Ghost. In every instance, I was teaching, instructing and encouraging people without number.
So I have known that these days were coming!

The days in which we now stand (the Days of Sorrows Matthew 24:8) will not just require; but they will demand the Saints to come into purity first and only then can unity come!

In this last year, the more I have prayed in tongues, the more I want to pray!

Every time I give the Holy Spirit permission to bring to me remembrance to pray, the more He comes and the more I again pray and give Him even more permission to come. It has become a pattern and now and a daily event that I have grown to treasure.

Yes, He is a Gentleman and comes only with our extended invitation to receive Him.

So you will know…

If you awake and begin to pray in the Spirit, you will establish a course for your day! 

Throughout the entire day, you will not even be aware of it but you will find yourself praying in the Spirit. It will become a natural act; a normal discourse, an automatic impulse and it will soon become a part of you. 

He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself;
but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.
1 Corinthians 14:4  

Many tend to focus on the latter half of this verse however let’s look at the first part, which is really the most important to the individual.
Let us look at this verse in plain terms.

He that speaks in tongues, edifies himself.

We see that when we pray in the Spirit, we edify or build up our spirit man. Our lives are being bombarded with every evil thing, is there anyone who is not in desperate need of their spirit being built up?

Jude states it this way, “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost”, Jude 20

Now I am totally aware that many of you will think I have watched too much Star Wars to have arrived with what I am about to share with you however I believe it was from the Spirit.

When we pray in the Spirit, you will most certainly experience warfare on a very different level. I have asked the Spirit the following question.

“When I pray more in tongues, I also experience greater warfare and since the enemy cannot read my mind, how is he able to discern that I am praying in tongues?”

This is what the Spirit replied.
“When you pray in the tongues, your spirit takes on a greater degree of radiance and brilliance and when the enemy looks down since he is the prince of the air, his eyes are drawn to your more excellent spirit.”


Dear Saints,
I have been asking the Lord to straighten out all the crooked places within me and to make me pleasing in His sight. Asking Him that I would not be that man who is both fresh and salt, nor sweet and bitter. We are to strive for consistently!

From many years I have known I was called as a prophet and indeed I prayed for others and yet did not feel that unction to truly become His intercessor. However now, that has all changed! I now have begun a journey to grasp a hold of the precious things.


Incredible things of the Spirit
demonic attacks


A word of warning to you…
When you enter into this realm and it is not my wish to worry or bring fear upon anyone however you must come into the fray knowing there are two types of supernatural events that will surely come.

The first is the supernatural God things, the events that will absolutely blow you away. You will think to yourself, why have I lived as a Believer these years and walked so far below this realm.

For the entire day this past Saturday…
And even though I was out among people at a local mall and other places of businesses, I was in near a constant state of praying in the spirit. Since I have begun doing this, the benefits have been amazing. 

If I had truly understood the power within this type of living earlier in my life, I would be a far different man today. I have discovered the more I pray in the spirit, the more apt I am to be shown a greater favor of the Lord. No, it is not something you earn but rather praying in tongues brings you into a different place, you begin to walk in the Spirit!

The wonderful benefits I have experienced by praying in tongues

1. Greater revelation in the Word of God. 

2.  Greater intimacy with Him.

3.  A more open spirit to receive those things He longs to share with you.
4.  Common things that need to be done suddenly become more easily 

      accomplished. Many previously unattainable things are realized. All with less stress.
5.  When traveling, I seem to find favor even in finding a parking space.
6.  When talking to sales clerks or anyone out in the market place, many have been drawn to me & the Lord is always discussed.
7.  Many have become almost vulnerable and extremely receptive to hearing about the Lord. Truly the Holy Spirit had paved the way in these appointments. It will make a profound difference in your ministry to others. Remember the Kingdom is not word but Power!


AND there is especially one more benefit that I have weighed back and forth in addressing. That is the topic of lust. When a thing is hidden in darkness and not brought into the light, it has a far larger scope of influence.

Normally sex is not something discussed in mixed company however for far too long the Church has avoided talking about these issues as though they do not exist. As a result I have read and tend to believe that a very large percentage of Christian men struggle with or they are actively engaged in pornography.

This has to change, Repentance has to come!


To you men out there…
Guys, we as Christian men have weapons against such attacks! I can honestly say to you that if you will pray in the Spirit every day, your spirit man will be built up and the battle will be easier. That does not mean it will not be easy but it will be winnable.  Therefore pray in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,
but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; 2 Corinthians 10:4

Wives, I know of a couple and his wife helps her husband. For instance when they go out for dinner and if there is another woman who is revealing too much, his wife will ask her husband to change seats thereby keeping his eyes from observing the woman.
How wonderful, she helps her husband to guard his eyes. 

What enters us becomes a part of us!

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Romans 8:14


Before getting into the second part…

When I was a Marine in Viet Nam and if we were not actively engaged in battle at that particular moment we knew were not winning any ground. 

Dear Saint, it is Only when you are getting shot at and attacked and feeling fatigue are you truly taking ground!

The second part of this equation is the demonic attacks that you will surely encounter. They will teach you hands to make war with the enemy. Any General will tell you if troops sit too long without battle experience, they become soft, ineffective thereby vulnerable.

Here are just a few of the attacks I have undergone in the last months.

1. My sleep has been disrupted at times to where I went through months where sleep both at night and even an afternoon nap were nearly non-existent. 

2.  Had several plumbing issues, all for different problems.

3.  Small things keep coming up demanding my time also with misunderstandings with others, all seemingly without cause.

4.  Health issues that seemed to come up without reason. 

     I had severe pain in my teeth and went to the dentist. 

     He could find nothing wrong and the pain subsided

     without any treatment. 

I could go on with other peculiar happenings. There have been several warfare tactics that have simply arisen and is near impossible to examine and determine their cause. These are only a sampling of what you will endure when you resolve yourself into the care of the Spirit.

Last Saturday, I had several good encounters with others, sharing Jesus with a little Catholic lady who worked at the mall. Also met a young lady who was working at a car wash and was about to join YWAM the following day.

Point was I had entered out and was sharing the Kingdom and that very night the enemy came. When you chose to engage, you will begin to experience the realms of the Heavenlies.



October 1st, 2017


The Dream began with my standing next to my bed and I was in the process of making my bed. However there were three pillows and since I only have one pillow on my bed, this seemed odd. I placed the first pillow on the bed and then the second beside the first and then I placed the third upon the first. 

The significance of the three pillows, a pillow is something to rest your head. It is a soft place of rest and comfort for one’s mind/heart.
One pillow was stacked upon another making a double of His rest.

Perhaps the Spirit is about to bring a supernatural “second pillow/rest” to the Saints that will supersede the ongoing chaos.
So we will come to know and enjoy the peace of God.

Just as I was finishing placing the last pillow on the bed, a force so powerful, so strong and so violent grabbed the clothing I had on and pulled the clothing down. It happened so quickly that it kept me from having any ability to struggle. It was as if someone would throw a large covering over a person and then pull it tight thereby disabling them.

This was done with lighting speed is the only way it can be described. The entire process was overpowering. This seems to be the primary tactic of the enemy to paralyze the individual with overwhelming superiority, bringing fear upon him and immobilizing him.

This was the sixth such attack on me that has occurred in 35 years of being a believer. I have written about the other ordeals in detail as well and they can be found on this website.

The Holy Spirit taught me in the very first dream of this sort just shortly after receiving The Baptism of the Holy Spirit that the Name of Jesus was the only weapon I possessed in these types of attacks.

From that day forward, this became my very first instinct, to move my mouth and begin to speak out loud the Name of Jesus! 

When this happens to you…

You will feel like your mouth is paralyzed and you will “think” you cannot get the name of Jesus out but keep moving your mouth, and you will begin to break free from these attacks. This is a word for many of you!

Whenever the demonic entity’s attack came, I began to move my mouth even though I was still paralyzed, I can sense in the spirit that every time I spoke out the Name of Jesus, the enemy grew weaker and I stronger in the spirit until the battle is won!

For with the heart we believe and with our “mouth” we confess!

Why did this attack occur Saturday night?

It was because I had risen up early that morning and had begun praying in the spirit, yes, I was praying in tongues. If you ever hope to be totally in agreement with the Lord, you absolutely must begin to pray in the Holy Spirit.

In the last year and it has grown each month and each week, I am learning to become a warrior intercessor. The Holy Spirit will not bring such a thing upon you unless you seek Him for that purpose. He will not force anyone to accept His gifts, they are free and yet there is a price to be paid.

Do you truly want to minister in the name of the Lord?

For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: 1 Corinthians 14:2a

Dear Saint, Neither you nor I or anyone else will ever be effective in any ministry without preparing for our day by praying in the Spirit.

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable