“Great Resources Are Coming to Believers”
“The Muslim woman threw the Bible at me”
Two Dreams 
September 14th, 2017
First dream received on Tuesday September 12th
The dream began with my standing in front of a counter and behind the counter stood a woman who worked in this place.
I do not know the nature of this business however as I stood in front of her, I remember be given a type of ticket with a couple of letters followed by several numbers.
As I looked at it, not really understanding what I was looking at, I showed the woman behind the counter the ticket. She was joyful in saying to me that I had won but it was for a “future” date.
This “future prize” seemed to indicate
“Our Blessed Hope”, our salvation with the Lord.
Still standing in this same place, I am then given another ticket and by now I had some understanding of how all of this worked, and I was absolutely astonished!
I again showed the woman the ticket and she too was astounded, I had won again!
Only this time the prize was for that Very Day.
This prize for the present, appeared to cover a vast areas of blessings. It was not just monetary but also include the presence of God and the gifts that are brought with the Holy Spirit.
Almost on queue, another woman came out with arms full….
Just imagine, stacks of bills (money) 6 inches tall and banded together.
Then imagine the other woman when she came out had her arms full of these 6-inch stacks of bills and the thought came to mind that is over $100,000 dollars.
End of dream
Dear Ones,
If you asked me to give you a list of the 10 most important things, money though it is certainly important and necessary, would be toward the bottom of that list. I do enjoy nice things like all of us do however I love blessings others.
One day I foresee a time when we believers will be able to go in to a restaurant and receive a word of knowledge about a waitress who is in need and we will carry the title to our cars and will simply sign it over to her and hand her the keys. 
All in the Name of the Lord, as His gift to her!
No longer will you be so financially destitute that you are unable to bless others! That is the beauty of an over abundance, we are blessed by blessings others. 
You will have all resources to accomplish the will and purposes of God.
You dear Saint, will be a conduit to “wear out” those who have run from the Lord, And you will wear them out with Love!
The unsaved will no longer say, “I do not know Him and He does not know me!” For the Lord will make it crystal clear to all, He does know them and love them.
This first dream is only a spiritual sign saying great blessings are coming as well as the bountiful resources of the Lord to His Body and is eminent! I have had several dreams just like this one, I tell you Saints, you will not have to pursue money any longer, “it will pursue you and find you.”
“Those who bless Israel will be blessed!”
Dear Saints, I fully believe and expect to hear of Zion Oil and Gas making a major discovery of “high quality – Sweet Crude – Brent) oil some time during one of the Lord’s Feast Days.
Some time during the Feasts days of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur or Succoth, Oil (I believe) will be found.
This discovery will not be your average, typical reserve of oil.
It will not be your typical quality requiring much refinery.
It will not be a small amount but it will rival that of Saudi Arabia.
You see, the Lord has saved His best wine for last!
Back to the dream
Notice the first news was that there would be a Latter Blessing.
Then the second part of the news that came was for the Now Blessing!
Saints, your blessing is Coming!
The enemy cannot stop it and he cannot slow it down!
These Resources will overtake you and overtake you.
You will be guided by the Spirit in its dispersement.

“The Muslim woman threw the Bible at me”

The second dream
This dream was very short and direct.
I was sitting in a rather large type of classroom. We were all sharing ways to address and solve problems within our society and help our country. Our primary goal was to enhance living conditions for everyone within the US. There were a few facilitators in the front of the room and were open to hear all suggestions.
I stood up and began to explain how America and Israel could both benefit if we did a certain thing in a certain way. That it would be a symbiotic relationship and would highly benefit both with this approach to a very difficult issue.
Just as I was sitting down after speaking, a Muslim woman dressed in her traditional black garb walked up to me and threw a Bible at me, saying,  “give this to some one who cares.”
There was a mocking nature and hateful tone in her voice. She was attempting to make a statement before the entire assembly against all that I had shared; especially since I was promoting collaboration between America and Israel to solve the issue.
End of dream
There will come a time very soon that if any of us promote Israel or speak kindly of the Jewish people, we will be despised and loathed.  In the eyes of those who hate Israel, if you love Israel or the Jewish people, you are either a Jew or a Christian who loves the Jews. Either way, you and I will be hated for our stand with Israel.
Blessings to you and your house,
Steve Grable