“Occupied by the Enemy”



The overall impression was one of being a prisoner of an occupying army.

The dream began with several of us being forced to live in a small home in the country away from nearly everything, perhaps there were ten of us. When I went to one of the closets, there seemed to be things that were familiar to me meaning they belonged to us (Americans). There were also items that had been supplied to us by the occupying forces or ones who had assumed authority.

The authorities/occupiers had placed a woman in charge to watch us and make sure we were not involved in any type of civil disobedience. I remember two men driving up to the house in a very old beat-up car, seemed that the authorities had confiscated any worthwhile transportation.

These two men seemed to know all of us and had come from another location much like the one we were being held. These two men were a part of a larger conspiracy to cause resistance and create problems for the enemy.

Each of us had papers, we had to have these papers on us at all times, and if we did not, it meant our death. One of the men in our group was commended for holding the papers of another man who had gone with others to cause confusion and disaster to the enemy. My understanding was if you were in civil disobedience, it was best not to have any ID or papers on you if you were caught.

The most terrifying scene
came when about 70 of us who were prisoners were taken to a remote location in to the woods in large military type of trucks.
I could not see the soldiers but felt their presence out in front of us.
We were separated in to two groups.

One large group of about 50 was instructed by our captors to begin re-boarding the two trucks.

Our group of about 15-20 was to their left side, and standing on a slight ridge. We were in a line formation. I was standing next to an elderly lady of 80-90’s; we were closest to the larger group. Our group all felt by the appearances we were about to be shot.

Then, just as the larger group began to board the two vehicles, the enemy opened fire and were shooting and killing all of the 50 people. We stood there in horror, seeing men and women of all ages, their bodies being hit by the bullets.

The elderly husband of the women I stood next to had been hit more than once yet he did his best to reach his wife and fell to the ground at her feet. My thought, we should be allowed to be with those whom we love when we are dying.

End of dream

Steve Grable