“A Night in Israel”



I had a dream about being in Israel, the impression was one of great Joy, almost like the joy I experienced when I received the Lord in 1983, it truly was like the Born-Again level of excitement. The dream took place in one night, however felt the time was over a longer length of time. Was only referring to the dream as taking place in a single night.

There were a total of 5 different events, but the fifth portion had the greatest significance.

I remember thinking that those in the prayer group back home were meeting and probably surprised by my sudden trip to Israel yet I knew they were praying.

First part, this place felt as though it had been a house that had been converted in to a home/style restaurant.
I remember seeing the inside of the restaurant’s layout. I was in line with others going through a narrow doorway and then turning left to walk through a cafeteria, many were talking, there were several Americans in the line as well as Israelis. I remember seeing pictures of different meals above the serving line and thinking that they looked delicious.

Second part, next, I was standing in what must have been the dinning room looking over the Kitchen counter. I first looked to my left and saw a pet type of gate and remember saying to myself, they have a dog. As I looked down on the counter top, I saw food recipes and had the strong impression that a large Holiday was about to take place. I heard the words, “Almost like a July 4th”, however being in Israel, thought this pertained to Israel, perhaps it was May 14th (Israel’s Day of Statehood) or maybe it was a Feast of the Lord, was not sure.

Third part, I was standing outside in a new subdivision of homes, in a oblong bowl type layout. The actual flat center part was approximately one mile in length. The homes were in a circle around us, yet the center of the circle only a few homes had been built. I remember speaking to two young American guys who were working on the second floor of one of the homes. They lived in Israel and loved being there. When I told them where I lived, they told me they both had visited Orlando. Evidently, they worked with the Israelis but at that moment part of the construction crews were elsewhere.
I distinctly remember asking them how long it took them to learn the language.

Fourth part, while I was in that same neighborhood, I had walked away from the two Americans and I watched a semi-tractor and trailer (a moving truck) drive by me and across one of the lots. Remember seeing and feeling the dust swirl around me. The impression was that it was the end of the day and this man was going to park his truck in an open field of where the homes was being built and pick up his car to go home.
Also had the impression that Shabbat was about to begin.

Fifth part, Seemed the most important!

I was standing inside the doorway of a building with another person who had brought me there.

Felt it was the Holy Spirit.

There was a group of perhaps as many as 25 IDF soldiers of both young men and women, who had been out on maneuvers throughout the night and had come in to this building almost like a barn, and were taking a rest on the dirt floor. All had their uniforms on, most all were sleeping, some had their caps over their faces.

Distinctly remember praying over them and as I prayed, I wept.
As I was thinking of these young ones, their courage and integrity and love for their country had brought them to this place.

I wanted to say to them, “this battle is not yours but the Lord’s!”

One last impression I had was that of an impending war

Steve Grable