“I Work All Day for a Pound of Bread”

Everything was dark and nothing was moving!




I was praying in the Spirit throughout much of last night and had a dream. Believe me dear Saints, I take no delight or pleasure in sharing these types of dreams.

The dream began as I was leaving where I was staying and at the end of the driveway I could look off in the distance and see where I had to go. It was some type of store or factory. However I had drive a roundabout route in order to arrive there. Where it should have been an easy trip, it was quite complicated just to drive the short distance.

Additionally I was unfamiliar with this area and all the maneuvering was somewhat confusing but I finally arrived and parked my car.

I walked inside this store or factory and only observed one woman who was sitting in a chair working with her hands. She was (like) kneading a lump of flour or some type of food.

Then she said,
“I work all day in order to make one pound of bread.
(or some type of food)”. 

Then I responded to her saying,
“Yes, that is all you can do”. 

So in other words, I was agreeing with her that she was doing all that she was able. And it was understood by both of us this was the best any of us could do

“under the circumstances”.


When I left the building it was very dark outside.

I kept looking for my car and could not find it. It was then I realized that there were no street lights nor was there any traffic moving about, all was quiet.

The thought came to me to press the button on my remote key to sound the horn and flash the lights but nothing happened. I then pressed the alarm button but again no sound was heard. 

End of dream


This dream seems to indicate that America had lost all of our electrical grid at some point. And even our stores, factories and automobiles had ceased to run.

Dear Saint, The Spirit has brought to me several dreams very similar to this one. Each seems to indicate or reveal that everything electrical or motorized will cease to function. 

This dream and similar  types of dreams appear to be an EMP event (electro-magnetic pulse) having occurred above our Nation.

I cannot possibly think of anything more destructive for America than an EMP to occur. This would paralyze the vast majority of the county and it would be devastating to millions of our citizens. I have written on this topic previously and cannot emphasize it enough.

America is very susceptible to just such an attack.

Only the Spirit of the Lord will lead us with His perfect directions. It will then be our responsibility to be obedient to His every word.

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable