“The Four Tongues”
June 25th, 2017



Greetings Dear Saints,
This teaching has been on my heart for nearly a year. So many times for a thing to come to fruition, it requires a culmination of circumstances and events all introducing themselves in order to birth a thing.


Had not given it much thought until about a year ago, that there are actually “Four Tongues” described in the Bible. They vary in their purpose, the way in which they are administered and the results they produce.


Believing that you are Born Again, without this initial doctrine the remainder of this teaching will have little value. We know Jesus is our Saviour, this is a basic principal of our faith and therefore does not need to be re-laid”.

Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, Hebrews 6:1 KJV


In the days ahead, if you do not have the ability to pray in the Spirit, you will have a very difficult time of enduring until the end. It is vitally crucial for all of us to get closer to Jesus more so than at any other time. Praying in the Spirit is your ability to constantly refill your spirit-man, the more you pray in the Spirit, the more it will revolutionize your walk with the Lord.


Remember the story of the “Ten Virgins”, how the five foolish did not have extra oil. And when the Bridegroom had delayed His coming, they began to run out of oil. By the time these foolish virgins had gone out and acquired more oil to keep their lamps bright (the Holy Spirit) the Bridegroom had come and entered in and the “door of eternity” was shut.

Sadly, most Believers never move beyond these basic principals and truly begin to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. That is the reason they never experience prophetic utterance, or words of knowledge or wisdom, they see no healings in their ministry, they are not able to utilize any of the nine gifts of the Spirit. Without these gifts, how will you minister to another? The lost may hear your words but without power, many will simply fall to the ground without root, your fishing net will tear and you will experience great loss. Dear Saint, we are responsible for the missed opportunities that are presented to us!


Most every successful and powerful minister will walk not in his own power but in the power of the Holy Spirit. Only when you walk in the Spirit, will the miraculous begin to take place. By walking in the Spirit, this means you are constantly engaged with the Spirit using your prayer language.


Jesus said, “It is finished” and sat down on the right hand of the Father. From that day, the Holy Spirit has come and lived in us and endued men with power to become witnesses.
The Kingdom is not word but power. 1 Corinthians 4:20


“The Four Tongues”


1. Our individual prayer/ Spirit language

This is the wonderful language one receives when he or she has receives the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Now here is a caveat

Have shared with sweet friends in the past that the Holy Spirit does not audibly speak. It is with our own mouth with the Spirit within, so they two are in complete and total agreement. The two are one!


Therefore, when you are attempting to receive your prayer language, begin to speak vowels or syllables.
A child does not simply begin to speak in paragraphs. (One exception was my grandson)


Rather a child begins to use vowels, syllables and his language begins to mature. In this instance, the Believer will begin to do this little exercise and “allow the Holy Spirit to make any changes if need be”.

I employ you, get used to trusting Him. Most times, the floodgates will open up once the Believer begins to speak in tongues. When this happens, do not hold back but speak forth the wonderful things of God. It is like being emerged into the river of God’s love.

After receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, praying in the Spirit is not meant to be a one-time event!


This is your Heavenly language gift,
Pray in the Spirit Daily! 


You can either pray within yourself or out loud, either way it will have an immense affect upon you. Often, I have found myself singing in the Spirit, and it happens more and more.


This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

I will share with you an absolute truth and most probably is a mystery to most Believers.


When I pray in the Spirit while driving, when I finally arrive at my destination, I find incredible Favor!

It is as if everything that occurs is God filled. From finding the best possible parking spot, to interactions with others, His presence is upon you and everyone you come into contact with will treat you very differently. It is the most awesome experience;
I have never encountered such favor.


You now possess a language that only the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit understand. It is a private language enabling you to directly communicate things not understood with your natural mind yet your spirit in conjunction with the Holy Spirit longs to speak forth-spiritual things. Doing so builds up your spirit man and strengthens you against the assaults of the enemy.

Some will ask why do you need such a thing? The answer according to the Word, “there are times when circumstances are so beyond our ability to know how pray”, so only through our prayer language comes our deepest form of intercession to the Lord. When we pray in the Spirit, we are in perfect agreement with God.


The benefits of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of a prayer language are many!

Since the day I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I have labored to engage the Holy Spirit more and more. To constantly take thought of Him, to talk with Him and I have found myself to be helpless without Him. Everything I think and say and do requires His enabling. I can do nothing without Him.


So in bragging about my dear loving friend, my desire is all of us to walk far, far, far above our present level of faith. You will be absolutely amazed by how your life will change when you pray more in the Spirit.


2. A message in tongues followed by the interpretation

But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:14 (KJV)

 Have found through the years that theSpirit takes great delight in changing His presentation of the things of God. Therefore our second type of speaking in tongues comes through a message given in tongues. Promptly followed by its interpretation of that message in the common language.

One of the most unique stories I have heard was of a prayer group visited by a Christian from Africa. In the group was a dear lady whose prayer language was a strange clicking sound. Time and again she prayed for the Holy Spirit to give her a language of syllables like the other people.

On the occasion of the African’s visit to the group prayed and upon conclusion he asked who made the clicking sound. She was embarrassed but admitted she was the one.

“That is the sound my tribe makes
when the King is passing by,”

he related. Could it have been that King Jesus was passing as she prayed with the other people? 



3. The Gift of Tongues  (unlearned languages)

There are some people whom I have both heard and also known directly those who have experienced “the gift of tongues. That is to say, they spoke in a tongue or language that was not learned at all but rather it was given as a gift of the Spirit.


A man named Harald Bredesen who used to grace CBN many years ago and author of many books. Harald would enter world embassies and begin to speak to people from other nations. He would not only speak to them in their language but also with perfect dialect and the people would marvel and many were saved as a result of using this gift.


Many of you know the ministry of Dominiquae and Baruch Bierman. Last year while staying with me a few days, we were having dinner and sharing.

The subject of the gift of speaking in an “unlearned” language / tongue came up. When a person has not actually learned a language but rather it was simply given to them by the Spirit.

In their case, they were in China and had left one church with a piece of paper in hand with directions to get to the next church. However, the paper was lost.


Then as Baruch continued the story, his dear sweet wife Dominiquae had walked up to a Chinese lady and she began to speak in Chinese. Only Dominiquae does not speak Chinese. The Spirit came to the rescue! Years ago I heard the Spirit say, “desperation is the price of admission” into the spiritual realm. I too have desired this gift for many years for ministry purposes.


There are those who seem to think that the gift-of-tongues are not Biblical, how they arrive at such conclusions I have no idea. It makes one wonder how many other biblical truths they are willing to sacrifice on the altar of “unbelief”. Many also mistakenly believe that only a few have this gift, not so.

This gift is available to anyone who is already Born Again and then Baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of a prayer language. The most wonderful gifts are of no consequence until it is opened and utilized and activated by physically speaking it forth.


4. Speaking in Tongues however those hearing you in their own language.


This type of tongue is more common than is publicized. I have personally experienced it once in a meeting and have heard of others as well. A person was speaking in Spanish and I do not know Spanish. However there were a few moments that as they continued speaking in Spanish, I heard them in my native English!


This is exactly what occurred out on the balcony when Peter spoke to all the devout men who were in Jerusalem for the Feast of Shavuot/Pentecost. These men were not Israelites. While they were temporarily in Jerusalem, they were actually from other nations.


Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language. Acts 2:6


Dear Saint, this letter is to encourage you.
Once you have received the Lord Jesus into your heart and become Born Again, it is Then you must seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.


And unless you continue to use your prayer language,
you will have very little oil remaining in your lamp.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable



PS Would like to suggest a book, “Seventy Reasons for Speaking in Tongues” by Bill Hamon.