“America will accept Islamic Counting”

This dream actually came to me the first time just recently, can not remember the exact date but within the last 30 days. The reason I did not share the dream was two fold. The concept of the dream seemed confusing so I did not remember having it until I dreamed it again last night and then the Lord conveyed to me that I had had the dream previously. And I believe that the Holy Spirit allowed it to sit in my spirit and then last night brought the dream again with greater understanding.

America is going to accept a concept of “Islamic Counting.”

I have never heard of anything like this before this dream. I can see why the Lord would have to prepare my comprehension.

Expressed in its most simple terms, Islamic Counting has each person place a value with a number on material possessions, ideas, people etc.

If for example a child had 7 toys, he would place a value on each with 1 being the most important and down through the 7th. The concept went much deeper than what I have just described and was being used quite extensively in thought, applications for business etc, and was taught almost like a religion.

It is almost like a carefully thought out prioritizing or succession of all things. If the first were to be destroyed or lost or stolen then the second would assume the number one position. Perhaps this was used to give some type of order to the loss we were experiencing.

I saw myself standing in a nursery of toddlers, next to a high desk/counter with an administrator behind the desk. I saw the young children attempting to grasp this idea, some with ease and others with great difficulty. Most were having problems as it was causing confusion as I watched them attempt to apply the concept. So the impression was that authorities began to teach this at an early age.

Also had the strong impression that it was being taught world wide and that we had no choice in the matter wither we accepted it or not. The concept had become a part of all societies.

Prior to sending this to you, I checked google. I did find “Islamic Accounting” but not Islamic counting. Perhaps, this is a part of their mindset. Or possibly this could be used and intended to bring a heavy handed approach of rule of law over other peoples. Either way, our Country and the world in general appears to be destined for a governing body that will have a strong Islamic flavor.


Steve Grable