“A Night of the Supernatural”


It is 4:20 AM and I have just experienced “Two separate dreams” that have given me a very real lesson in the Supernatural Realm.

The first dream, I awoke after hearing the Holy Spirit say to me,

“New Level, new devil”.

And I said to the Lord,

“but how have I achieved a new level when I am still dealing with old sins?”

And He responded saying,

“Because you have chosen to enter in to the fray,

By your Declaring Proclamations,
By your confessions,
By your repentance,
By taking of the Lord’s supper”
(have been taking the Lord’s supper nearly everyday since prior to Passover)

“The enemy is being defeated, he has suffered injury and is loosing ground against you, So a demon of greater rank and a higher level had to be called to assist in the fight against you.”

It was almost as if the Spirit of the Lord was congratulating and encouraging me. As if I had somehow earned a Field Promotion to a higher rank. By declaring proclamations, confessions, repentance and taking the Lord’s supper, the Lord was saying.

I was creating structure, establishing a New Wineskin that will be holding “The blessing, the Anointing that is coming!”

Without this structure in place, there is no place for that anointing to rest!


The enemy’s response came within an hour and a half of the promotion!

After the first dream the clock read 2:15, within an hour I had fallen in to a deep sleep.

The second dream began with me close to a plain varnished wooden door. There was another person in the room with me I knew to be the Holy Spirit. I was between Him and the wooden door.

I heard a great commotion outside and fear began to come upon me and I quickly moved toward the door, thinking the door was closed (it appeared closed) looked down and began to push the button type lock.

Just as I did, a large green hand perhaps 5 times the size of my own, very thin, almost resembled a ribbon came through the door. The door must have been cracked without my noticing, and the large hand covered my entire face and I knew he was trying to muffle my mouth. The feeling of that hand on my face was very real!

Fear temporarily gripped me, yet I knew instinctively knew what to do………….

I have had three of these “night encounters” with the enemy over a 22 year period and have learned that by saying that name that is above all other names, the name of Jesus will strip the enemy of his power.

At first could not get anything out for his palm was directly over my mouth but then little by little, repeatedly I muttered the name of Jesus and each time as in years before, the Spirit of the Lord within me became stronger and the enemy was the defeated foe.

As I lay there on my bed, over and over again, I spoke the name above all names, Jesus!

Thank you Lord, for by your name, you have made me victorious!

Steve Grable