“Piercing the Veil”

Accomplishing Spiritual Assignments
in the Night Seasons
May 17th, 2017

When this article was brought to me, the title also came. Piercing meaning to penetrate and Veil is a sheer curtain concealing a thing. This is exactly what occurs when we move between the physical body and the spiritual realm for a Kingdom purpose.
There are dreams for every purpose under Heaven.
There are dreams used for warnings, directions, and future events. Some dreams are designed in such a way that they will cause you and encourage you to be emboldened when the actual event arises. They enable you to fulfill your destiny. You may meet Jesus or the Holy Spirit. All these dreams have a very specific purpose. 
Yet there is another type of dream that I wish to introduce you. This type of dream will remove all barriers of space and time. It has no regard for physical distance or the clock on your wall. You see, it is your spirit being transported through the veil and being brought to a place and actually accomplishing a spiritual assignment.
To some degree, I can see it as being attached to heavy intercession where the fervent prayer finally meets its target. However in this dream, intercession takes place in a very personal way. You will be found interacting with others.
Many Scientist have varying suppositions with regard to how many dimensions actually exist in the universe. Some rely upon the true and tested eagerly declaring there are three while some physicists and mathematicians might boldly proclaim that there are an infinite number. 
And yet, we know as Believers that while we live in a three-dimensional world, really there are only two, the physical and the spiritual. However the closer we examine such things, the truth is that these two lines not only begin to blur but they actually intersect.
Realizing that there will be some who will not be able to grasp ahold of this spiritual truth. And many others will simply not believe the things I am about to share. Unless you are doing all to walk in the spirit and follow after the leading of the Spirit, all of this will seem even a bit spooky. The things of God are often viewed as foolishness
You see dear Saint; there are moments when our physical realities come in contact with those things of the spirit and it becomes impossible to discern which is which. While no one fully understands this transition from the physical into the spiritual, many have experienced it without even realizing they were participants in a Heavenly assignment during the night season.
In other words, you have actually participated in touching the spiritual realm with an assignment given you by the Spirit.

Most everyone does dream whether they realize it or not. Some have with the help of the Holy Spirit learned to retain some degree what went through their mind during the night. I am not saying that all dreams have significance but many times they do.

If when you have these dreams and they are very articulate, very detailed then it may not be just a dream but you may well be piercing the veil of the Spirit. Your spirit has left your mortal body temporarily in order to achieve certain purposes. 
You may remember certain people, conversations, the setting in which everything was happening or a general understanding of the situation, a “knowing” of certain facts, all these things point to you being much more engaged than just a dream of the mind, it is your spirit that is moving and traveling within the spiritual realm. 
Years ago I had a very elaborate and detailed dream on August 24, 2010. Titled,  
“The Whiteboard, the Arab and the Passing of the Vision”. 

Here is the LINK to the dream
In nearly all dreams, one essential element is “almost” always missing……dates! 
Dates are the common thread that complicates the giving of a dream or vision. Since the prophetic person or prophet has been given the usual high degree of urgency, it seems logical that it could occur at any moment and this leads many prophetic people to frustration and disaster. It also causes many of the Body of Christ to shy away from all things prophetic.

This dream was different
it had an expiration date of June 1, 2011.

So this particular dream was more difficult to send out to the mailing list when it occurred. The question became do I have faith in what I experienced as being  from the Lord. Having a date of an event that would have to transpire before a deadline of June 1, 2011 made the dream all the more exciting and dangerous in speaking it forth.

And at the time I did not see any possible way either financially or with my health for the dream to take legs. I did not have the resources in that moment but I spoke to John and Marie to dust off their suitcase, we were going to Israel. Marie’s reply was no I have been many times. However like all things, the Spirit also changed her mind and desire to return and in May 1st, 2011 we were in Israel.  

As we entered the Land of Israel, all seemed to be on schedule. We had a marvelous time and had supernatural encounters with friends we had not seen in years and all “appeared” to be going according to plan.
When my birthday (June 1st) came and went and though we were still in the land, the dream had not occurred by the date given in the dream. I was completely bewildered and my faith was being tested. It was truly a difficult time to even ponder on one of the most detailed dreams I had ever experienced. I was at a complete loss for all that had been given to me.
At that time I had no understanding what had just happened, the dream could not have been more real, what was I missing?

It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.

I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.

And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;)  2nd Cor 12:1-3

Several years ago…
There was an old prophet named Bob Jones who has since passed. Bob had been a well known, well respected and accurate prophet. 
He and his protégé (do not remember his name) came to Park Avenue Baptist Church. The protégé was sharing a dream or a vision and how it was so real he could not decipher as to whether it was in the natural or the spirit. And he came to Bob and shared the experience asking Bob what he discerned it to be. 
Finally Bob answered him, “What difference does it make?” 
He was implying like Paul, whether it was in the natural or the spirit, it seemed to make little difference. In other words the event, regardless of it taking place in the natural or the spiritual, the event itself had the same significance, the same impact. 
Although one affects the other and at times even mirrors the other; it is the spirit that always takes precedence over and alters the natural. 
Yet we know there are obvious consequences within the physical. We can almost view the physical as the dream and the spiritual as the steadfast one since the spiritual realm will endure forever.
The old prophet had discovered the linking or the occasional piercing of the veil. When one is so certain he has physically experienced an event only to look back and not fully know if it occurred just as he first thought or was it some different?
What difference does it make, that is exactly a true statement. We are so attached to the natural that if we perceive an event to have occurred in a dream, we discard the entire process.
What we do not understand is that in these dreams, many times we are actually penetrating the veil. The purposes of God are always at work, and the Spirit is always manifesting the Father’s will through a multitude of venues. The Spirit is actually attempting to teach us “just one more advanced way” of the Spirit. Yet we tend to discard these things as insignificant.
Another example
An older dear sweet Saint had a dream.
She was walking down a walkway in Israel. As she walked she saw PM Netanyahu coming towards her, she remembers both of them stopped for a brief moment. She then leaned over and whispered something into his ear. She had no idea of what she had spoke to him, only that just then, he began to smile. It was as if, he had received her message and he had suddenly had been given insight into his dilemma. In effect, the Spirit had whisked her away to the exact place and at the exact moment to deliver a heavenly message to one. Dear Saint, this is intercession on a very high level.
We see through the power of the Holy Spirit, she was given a “night assignment”. We must remember that we are being offered the privilege of working with the Holy Spirit. Her spirit was transported to Israel and the word of wisdom came forth from the Spirit from within the dear lady and then received by the PM for his decision-making.
And this dear Saint is how we can affect the decisions of others in the hopes of moving men into righteousness. By attaching ourselves to the purposes of God and making ourselves available in this way.
Now, I have come to understand my dream and what I had missed with “The Whiteboard, the Arab and the Passing of the Vision”. Just as the dear lady, I was given a dream that had a heavenly assignment attached to it.
My understanding is now that this dream was fulfilled the very night I dreamed it. This was a night vision and at the same time the event was being accomplished. And just as the Apostle Paul and the old prophet had stated, the nature of the physical and the spiritual are much more attached than we could ever have realized.
Dear Saint, we have absolutely no idea of the wonderful things that await us in the one thousand Millennial Reign. But we do not have to wait!
Pray to the Lord for His Spirit to come and give you the Night Assignments. When all is said and done, we will finally know the wonderful impact of these encounters and all that was accomplished in them. 

You and I will RULE and REIGN with Christ. All of this is a training ground for that place. Stir up your gifts!
“We must begin to gain some comprehension of how the Kingdom works”.
AND all of these spiritual encounters will become much more prevalent for the Saints in the days ahead, be open to these assignments. Having even a small understanding of these ways of the Spirit and being hospitable to them makes it easier to join Him in achieving His purposes.

“The Last Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit is about to fall.

Once this begins to occur, everything will begin to rapidly change for both good and hard. Your faith will arise to the occasion; your willingness to expect the impossible and to imagine and see the goodness of God will become your joy and your strength.
And great delight will surround you.
We are about to be entrusted with spiritual gifts that will defy all logic and will most certainly appear foolish to many but we know the foolish things are destined to confound the wise and all of this will be used to usher in the Great Harvest.
Blessings to you and your house,
Steve Grable