“You Have No Idea of Your Capabilities”
May 8th, 2017
The dream was short; I was traveling (in the spirit) from one place to the next. And observing many joyful people who were diligently working and they were working with purpose and in unity. 
In each setting, there was such optimism, comradery and a common goal and in each location, I was received with great hospitality. It was as if there were no strangers in these places.
Finally as I was sitting in the grass on the side of a small incline and watching everyone working and getting along so well a man approached me. Then he sat next to me and although I did not initially recognize him by his physical appearance, I knew His presence.
Then He spoke to me these words,
“You have no idea of your capabilities”.
End of dream
While this promise may appear to be that of a personal nature, it is not, it is meant for all Believers. Every believer who has received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit will come to the understanding of their rightful standing, their potential and their ability in Christ Jesus. If you have received Him then you are entitled to have the anointing that comes with Him. 
The Word states: Jesus is speaking
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.   John 14:12 KJV
Many ask but how can we possibly do greater works than Jesus?
It is not a matter of greater works! Rather, it is the sheer volume of works being performed by a multitude of Believers.
Dear Saints, we believers those who are striving and laboring to live the holy life are about to see a magnificent change! As the One who lives within you is coming with a steadfastness that will part the sea and give you a forehead of flint. Those things that have hindered you will become as easy to drop as an old dirty overcoat. You are about to witness His delivering power. The Kingdom is not just word but it is Power.
Our weakness has been the very vehicle by which His strength has been made manifest.
No weapon will prosper against you!
The Holy Spirit is about to begin a “Sovereign Work” and will perform and bring about a beauty upon His Saints that has never been observed but on a few.
When Moses has spent time with God on the mountain, Moses wore a veil to cover the Glory that shone upon his face. As Stephen was being stoned and looking up into Heaven he saw Jesus standing on the right hand of the Father, his face too shone.
You dear Saint, are about to become a living, breathing, walking trophy of your Heavenly Father. Your presence will bring life into the worst possible situations; you will speak words of healing to others. Wisdom and prophecy will flow forth from your mouth and even the greatest of skeptics will know you are one of His. Men will be drawn to the light within you and as they come, you will give them Jesus!
Saints, we are about to see such things and greater things!
New Season, New Day and a New Norm is about to invade the earth.
Blessings to you and your house,
Steve Grable