“The Stock Market Will Drop by 6,000 Points”



Greeting Dear Saints,

I had a very short but direct dream last night about the stock market and also what I believe to be the future of our economy.

There were several people around me and I was in some sort of business. We were all conducting our business. I was standing close to a high counter between the employee and myself. And either through a person telling all of us or a radio; we all had some way of knowing. The Big News was there had been a 6,000-point drop in the stock market that very day!

Remember I kept looking for my smart phone, which I could not find. My only thought was to track the movement of the market. I had to see the numbers for myself to verify this major decline.

Since I do not follow the S & P (500 largest companies) but rather I follow the Dow Jones (30 largest companies), which I believe to be a better indicator. All of this leads me to believe that it was the Dow Jones that had fallen by 6,000 points.

Currently the Dow Jones is at 20,656. So a 6,000-point decline would be nearly a 30% drop. Needless to say this would be devastating for our economy and to our country.

There was no time line given in this dream.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable