“I Was Shot Three Times and Felt No Pain”
May 23, 2010




I was in a room and a friend/brother in the Lord was to my right. From our right side and behind my friend, there was a surprise entrance of 2-3 men who came swiftly in to the room and two shots were fired, then quickly three more shots were fired.

The first two shots hit my friend and as he was falling the other three shots hit me. They hit my right side upper body and right upper back. I physically felt them hit my body but there was no pain, they had not entered my body, I only know I was hit.

Both my friend and I lay close together on the floor, almost in a heap. must interject here, we went down on the floor not by just dropping, we had no choice, the effects of the shots took us down.

I am not sure about my friend but felt the Spirit was saying to lay still, do not move, to play dead. I actually tried to hold my breath. I felt the men’s presence as they stood over us and as they turned back to where they had come and were leaving heard the Holy Spirit say, “run now” and as I started to jump up and run I came up out of the dream.