“A Deadly Silence”


And I had a dream,
There were 15-20 of us, kept thinking of 18, and we were being marched a short distance and then up an outside stairwell in to a large mostly empty room. We were then moved to the far end of the room, almost corralled into a small area and told to kneel down.

We were not Jew or Gentile Christian; we were not estranged but were in a silent unity. There was no division among us; all of us knew we were a single people who were facing death.

There were several guards around us and there was little doubt that our lives were about to be taken from us. Distinctly remember moving a small table away from me, thinking when I was shot, could see my head striking the table.

We all knelt there waiting, the seconds seemed like minutes. We continued waiting, kneeling there, dreading the next moment, awaiting the opening sound of the guns to begin their firing on us. I imagined in my mind what was about to happen, knew that with each shot would be followed by a slumping body. The impression was like a dream not allowing what was about to take place to become associated with reality, we waited…

I had my eyes closed and refused to open them for fear of what I would see, not wanting to observe the scene around us, I knew to be real. I did not want to see if a rifle was pointed at my head and I believed the others with me also had their eyes closed. The time continued no shots had yet been fired; we only waited for it to begin. End of dream