“The Edge of His Glory”
August 4th, 2011



I had two dreams last night. The first, I had in some way crawled (for a lack of a better word) to the edge of His Glory. Please understand, it was not that we are to come begging for His presence but rather I/we simply could not stand in the manifestation of His Glory. The Glory, the holiness, the power and the presence of His love revealed the weakness of our flesh.

Had the impression that I was helping people approach this edge of Glory.
Another impression was that I was almost dragging some not against their will or that they did not want to approach but they simply did not have the strength within themselves. Many were afraid, while others felt they were unworthy. The last group was comprised of both believers and unbelievers who believed neither they nor anyone for that matter had the right or the ability to touch this wonder of God.

Each time we came close to “His Awe”, there was no one who could remain reliant upon their own strength. I remember holding these people almost in my arms as we laid on the floor in His presence. Believe the Lord was causing me to continually escort one then another and another into this precious place. Yet what appeared to be such a dangerous place, would actually transform our lives in to His likeness, no one was the same after this encounter. For the Lord sees our frailties and weaknesses and his grace and love abounds and far exceeds our ability to comprehend.
It is His love that gaps the distance between our flesh and His grace.


The second dream came later in the night. The dream began as I was physically carrying a massive amount of something in my arms. This stack or bundle was far higher than my head, extended far beyond my reach, and by all appearances was too large for me or anyone to carry.

As I approached the front entry doors of our local mall (Miracle City Mall, yes I see the significance)
I heard a man standing by the far door saying, “Look, how can any man carry such a load?”

In the dream, I knew he was absolutely right, no man could carry this giant mass and yet this great object was neither heavy nor was it cumbersome.

When we finally come to know our limitations, in our weakness, He will show Himself strong. Once we see ourselves as we truly are, and we become desperate for All of Him, then, we will be able to do things both physically and spiritually that we have never dreamed or imagined.

One thing I had almost forgotten to add.
The last scene of the dream was the most important, as I walked in to the mall, there were bodies of people lying all over the floor inside of the mall. I receive many impressions within these dreams and instinctively knew these people had been slain in the Spirit. It was if the Holy Spirit had walked through the corridors of the mall and everyone went down.

I then heard the Lord ask me, do you see anyone standing?
Do you see anyone praying or ministering?

This will be a Sovereign act of my Spirit.

The beauty of this scene, there were no believers involved in this process, it was a sovereign act of the Spirit.

Blessings to you and your house,


Steve Grable