“The Vision and Dream
for Communities in Israel”

Dream & Vision for 


Years ago when I first came to the city in which I founded the first of two printing businesses all seemed to be going well. I had found a great location in a busy shopping center and the additional bonus of forty feet of windows with near unobstructed view of NASA Space Shuttle launches.

I had contacted city planners and initially was told there were no issues so I proceeded to sign a five year lease with options. However when I went back to the city to pull my renovation permits, I was told that my business location could not be in a shopping center. Printing was considered business manufacturing and it could not be among business retail.

The city had basically reneged upon what they had previously promised.I could attempt a variance however they would require additional time and finances. Although both were coveted, time was of the essence for we were to be in schooling for the grand opening in just a few short months.

As I was praying about all of this, I clearly heard the Lord say,
“You need someone to champion your cause”.

I knew instinctively I was to find someone or some entity to come along side and help me promote this new business venture.
I was led to approach the Chamber of Commerce and after hearing the story introduced me to the Better Business Bureau.
These two began to investigate the zoning of all other printing businesses in the city.

They found that all printers were out of zoning by operating their businesses in retail areas not business manufacturing.
Quickly the city council took up my plea and all local printers’ status was changed to business retail thus eliminating the issue
for me as well as all of the others.

The Vision and Dream
for Communities in Israel

Although this dream only occurred last night,
the vision has been active in me for nearly three years.

Last night I had a dream, and I was seated in a large hall with round tables and there were several guests. There was a table next to and slightly behind my table and there was only one gentleman sitting at that table.

We somehow began to engage in conversation and found myself moving over to his table. He was a most interesting man and discovered he was in the upper echelons of the Israeli government and was close to PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

I began to share with him the vision in which the Lord had imparted and confirmed to me. The idea was of small communities throughout the Land of Israel which would provide for the Holocaust survivors as well as the aged who were without financial means. There are many in Israel.

The Holy Spirit had firmly planted and expanded the vision to me. There were to be not one but 25 of these small communities. They were to have names beginning with Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, David, Samuel, Elijah, Deborah and the other prophets of the Bible.

The Lord then began to reveal to me these communities would house 120 residents in an oblong shape community. These small inter-connected, one level individual apartments would include a cafeteria also functioning as a meeting place. There would also be a Synagogue. Additionally there would be limited medical care and security and it would be built around a lake or large garden.

As I began to share this vision with him, I looked down and watched him begin to write my name on a magazine of some kind.
As he was doing this I knew that this man was the Champion of this cause!

He will have extensive contacts and expertise in government, business, real estate and construction and will have the respect of many. In short, he will have the ability to bring together all the necessary parties and enable them to facilitate the transition of this
vision into reality. This man will be the Champion by which the Lord will use to accomplish these communities in the Land of Israel.

Believe this will be one more signal a new beginning of love and trust between Christians and our Jewish brothers. It will help to bring about a greater reconciliation between the Jewish people and Believers who have a heart for Israel. This joint adventure will be only one of the many things the Lord has in mind to unify His One New Man. We will begin by working in agreement.

Although the Lord had initially given me the desire to see a community some time ago. There is another lover of Israel named Patricia Cummings who also had a very similar vision for a community. Pat and I would share our hearts in regards to the vision. And the vision became more real and was followed by constant thoughts of how to achieve this goal.

Later, the Holy Spirit came and enlarged the vision within me and began to bring ideas to the forefront.
Now I see these communities through the Land of Israel as though they were already in existence.

The means to accomplish this vision will come primarily via Zion Oil and Gas.
Many who have invested in Zion Oil will become participants of this vision.

From the very blessing that God has placed beneath Jewish feet
will come forth a blessing that Israel cannot contain.

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable