“Hope in Man Always Leads to Destruction”
November 11, 2016 



Greetings Dear Saints, 

While half of America and most of the Church celebrate the election of Donald Trump, my heart remains heavy. For a very brief moment, I had gratitude toward the Lord for what many consider to be a miracle.

However, I believe the Church is missing it!

Do you not see the Church pleased and almost giddy with “hope” that better days lie ahead. That America will once again be placed on a path she once knew and all is about to be corrected from where we once stood.

The Church is more concerned about the revival of America than Revival in America!

 When we see this hope rising up among the Church, there is a reason for this manifestation. This alone is telling in that.. 

“you can not have hope in something without placing your faith in to that entity.” Saint, we are once again placing our faith in a man and all the time, hoping for a different result!

 What I have heard the Spirit say is this, “Nothing has changed”.

America is the same today as she was yesterday, she is in great wickedness and refuses to repent. Abortion will continue! The taking of innocent blood is crying out from the earth!

Our highest court in the land has decided to make same sex marriage legal. Greed and corruption lives and thrives within every level of society. Nothing has changed, America still exports her wickedness and nakedness and shame to the entire world.


Dear Saints, please do not get caught up in this election and political chaos. Yes, it was our duty to chose the best possible candidate but that does not give us license to place these mere men upon the high places. In Ezekiel 20:29 refers to the name, “Bamah” which translates to “high places” or idols. 

 The Church is also making another great error! 

The Lord is not nearly as concerned about the greatness of America as He is with their salvation.

The view of the world and even the Church seems to accept the idea that all things will continue as they have for millennia. Few Believers actually think that we are in the end times that we have entered the end of the age. How can we read our Bibles and not know these things? 


Many have expressed hope that Trump will appoint conservative Supreme Court judges. And by this very act will solidify a conservative court for 40 years and beyond.


Saints, the Believing Church does not have 40 years, nor do they have 30 years or 20 years and I dare say they may not have 10 years left on this earth. All things are coming to a conclusion! A culmination of events that will lead to the Saints either being raptured or martyred, either way we are going home and much sooner than most anticipate. 


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable