“Attack of a Higher Principality”


June 18th, 2016


Greetings Dear Saints,


The Holy Spirit has revealed to me over many years that the presentation of dreams, teachings or prophetic words are constantly being changed. Many times the Lord will speak to me within a dream or at the end of the dream to bring clarity. Other times, I will prophesy (a similar experience as John in the book of Revelation) will prophesy within a vision or a dream. So knowing the creative nature of God and His Spirit, these revelations will come through a variety of ways.


And the devil (although he has no new thing) will certainly attempt to change his battle strategy upon the Saints in a like manner. Remembering he can only mimmic the things of God. 


 I once heard the Lord say the following to me. 
“The enemy is being defeated, he has suffered injury and is loosing ground against you, So a demon of greater rank and a higher level had to be called to assist in the fight against you.” 

You see for several months, I had been openly and out loud making declarations! I was taking communion daily, at times praying in the spirit and in the Word daily. Also was doing all to encourage others and just as David did, I was encouraging myself in the Lord.


The Lord also said that because I had made the decision to “engage the enemy”, this was the reason for the intensified attacks.  

Dear Saint, when you begin to do these type of things, be assured you will begin to have (for a season) more of a struggle with the enemy than before however you will not only overcome but you will gain invaluable experience. Whenever there is a special military assignment, you do not send in un-proven troops but rather you send in those who have become battle wise and battle hardened!


Last night I had a dream

In the dream, I was in my home and I was walking down a rather long hallway to the bathroom and along the way, I flipped on the light switch in the hallway to bring light into the darkness. 

The significance of the long hallway could be viewed as a portal between passing from a dream into an actual spiritual battle.

As soon as I entered the bathroom, I was under a brutal assault!

As an unseen force was coming against my physical body and causing my body to literally contort during his assault, this brief interaction. 


While I have had several of these night encounters with demonic entities, nearly each time, the enemy has changed his tactics. He rarely uses the same failed attack as was previously used but changes his strategy, a good lesson for us as well. Why should we continue to use something that has proven to useless in the past.


I have always seen the demons when they come against me. At first, they had a very dirty smelly nature and other times will have a florescent green glow. The previous time the attack took place, there were multiple demons. This dream was titled “And the lion will roar the words”, its LINK is below.

“And The Lion Will Roar the Words” 


Yet in this dream, I saw no demon in the spirit however I did see flashes of his movement. He was a massive nearly unseen thing that simply attacked when I was seemingly defenseless. Note, the time was late and it was dark,  reason for turning on the light. Additionally I was headed for the bathroom which is not really a time when one would wish to be attacked. Lol

Usually these types of battles occur in the night season when I have been at rest. They come unannounced, they come with great force and a lightening type of speed and they are brutal in nature with (I believe) the goal of damaging my witness and calling. 


This battle only lasted perhaps less than a minute and was over!
Dear Saint, our first and only line of defense is to “Speak out Loud” the Name of Jesus!


There is no other name that we might be saved or that we might have His protection. It is the only name that allows you to do such battle with these entities and be victorious, for YOU are more than a Conqueror! Your names have been written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
It is written, You overcame the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and by the “word of your testimony”.


I know of a few who have had these night maneuvers with the enemy. 
And yet the Holy Spirit has allowed them to come. The first one was shortly after receiving the Baptism of  the Holy Spirit. In the dream, I walked up to this beautiful tree, I was enthralled with this tree and it was just about my height. All of a sudden a snake came from within the tree going straight for my chest. In the dream, I kept backing up and the dream ended. 

In those days, I was not careful with my words! For when I repeated the dream to others over the next few days, I made the statement, I was backing up as the snake came toward my chest but the dream ended and “I don’t know if he bit me”. Here is the sin that opened the door to the enemy.


Within a few days, I became extremely ill with bronchitis for many days. These dreams have great value when we write them down and seek their interpretations. The Spirit is not frivolous but every thing He brings is a teaching aid.


Below are LINKS to other dreams (night encounters), hope they bless you,
we are not of fear but to have knowledge in how to resist the enemy and to win these battles. 


“And the lion will roar the words”




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“A Night of the Supernatural”





I hear the Lord saying
“To Awaken, To Warn and To Prepare”




Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable