I have asked the Lord for forgiveness in that I have been telling my family and friends to stock up on food and water and other necessary items but I have not placed that information on this website.
This oversight on my part was not due primarily to focusing on the spiritual and not regarding that of the natural needs.

After the day that changed Americans and the way we think that being 911, Our futures are not as sure as we had thought! The Nation’s economy nearly came to a standstill! For a short time, aircraft did not fly!  Markets, investors, lenders and the consumers were unsure of the future and the travel industry was devastated for a time as no one wanted to be away from home if we suffered another attack. All of this because of 9 men with box cutters!

Now, can you imagine a coordinated full-fledged terrorist assault on multiple cities in a short time frame? It would cause the effect that the enemy seeks, that is to cripple the US economy, which is already on extremely shaky ground.

Or imagine just 1 EMP being launched from the deck of an freighter coming into one or our ports. EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse and if it reached the proper altitude say in New York city, it could paralyze financial markets, bring down power grids that are connected across the nation, bring down every type of computer system unless they are incased in lead.

Transportation would shut down, food inventories computer systems would not function and the list goes on. An EMP burns out the copper wire in anything that is electrical in nature, from autos to aircraft, wiring in homes, businesses and government entities. An EMP would literally put the US back in the 1800s And could take years to recover and rebuild our infrastructure.

America will come under attack and soon, if you do not take the appropriate steps to safeguard your home with plenty of food and water and other necessities, the lives of your family will be in jeopardy!

I am not the only one saying these things, other prophets are as well and many of God’s Saints are hearing similar warnings. Yes, the Lord does take care of us but that does not remove our responsibility to heed the warnings. Most probably martial law will be in effect, to control violence.

Would suggest some type of protection in your house as a deterrent! BE a Joseph, and prepare for the lean times while it is yet daytime.

Assume you will be out of electricity and prepare accordingly!
Also disruptions of gas heat and stove and also delivery of fuel!

WATER Wal-Mart (good price) Great Value Spring water by the gallon in plastic They come 3 to a case and are easy to stack The Florida hurricane preparation list states: 1 gallon Per person per day.
ALSO would buy cases of bottle water.

FOOD CONTAINERS Wal-Mart They have long flat type of Tupperware Dimensions are: length 34” X width 15 “ X height 5” Cost about $5.50 each THESE MAKE EXCELLENT FOOD CONTAINERS AND WILL USUALLY SLIDE UNDER A BED If the height of your bed does will accommodate, then build up the height of your bed so that storage is available. This is easy and will (king size bed) provide space for about 10 of these containers to fit beneath the bed.

Canned goods but also in glass (if packed safely) Items like rice, sugar etc should be double bagged!  Items that have milk usually have less shelf life.

pasta, spaghetti and sauce rice (make sure to use zip lock bags to seal), beans canned tuna canned chicken peanut butter Wheat crackers (again but several boxes but ROTATE) jelly (not sure of availability of bread) canned fruits of all types soups and stews comfort foods, nuts, canned cheese, different types of treats (always rotate) coffee, tea, kool aid, anything to mix with water dry coffee cream and sugar (make sure to double bag your sugar in plastic) condiments to spice up foods (if possible single serve that does not need refrigeration.

Paper items, toilet paper,paper plates, paper towels, paper napkins
lots of hand sanitizer AND ALSO paper surgical masks (wal-mart)
The Avian (bird) Flu is coming along with other diseases that will be present when trash is not picked up.

Toiletries, toothpaste, soap, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, liquid detergent

VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT HOT FOOD AND BEVERAGE Make sure to purchase a camping Coleman type butane stove. with several extra small butane tanks.

We will at some point lose power grids, it will be sporadic at first but never the less, hot food and beverage will be welcomed. Generators are great but if you can not purchase gasoline for them, they are worthless. The large home generators are again great for short term but it is my belief that this will not be short term.

Lanterns for light with extra batteries (not just flashlights) wal-mart about $10 each, should have at least 3.

An Emergency CRANK type of Radio (no batteries), AM, FM, with built in light. Lowe’s or Home Depot. About $35

Trash bags, this may sound silly but if you are putting a lot of trash out on the curb and other people, anyone passing by can see you have food, they may be desperate enough to break in your house. Therefore I would bag all trash and remove to another location. And again, suggest some type of protection in your house as a deterrent!


There are of course many items not mentioned here, but you get the idea and hopefully this list will help you get started. I only suggest Wal-Mart becasue it removes some of the financial burden off families due to their pricing, am in no way affiliated with Wal-Mart.