Prophetic Word from Jeremiah Johnson  

Behold the Man Ministries 

February 19th, 2016


The Lord is continuing to write His Word upon your heart.
I’m writing My Word upon your heart so that My Word will continue to come forth out your mouth.
The Lord says, I know you as son first and then servant.
We just thank you for the prophetic gift Lord and we just call it forth in the name of Jesus.
Lord, that there would be no opportunity missed.
The Lord says, I am going to call you to unusual places and use you in unusual ways in the years ahead. 
Just listen, the Lord is inclining your ears even to the Zephyr Winds of God.  
(Zephyr translates to gentle winds of God)
You’ve heard the Lion roar but now you’re going to hear the Lamb whisper.
There’s been a roaring thing in your life but these years it is going to be the tender Lamb that wins you over again. 
You are a kind, you are a gentle man. 

The tender heart of God will be your portion. 
Great intimacy, great delight will mark you.