“Who Can Overcome This Book with the Malicious spirit?”

January 8th, 2016


I was working in a bookstore with others and my parents (they have both passed) came in holding up a book. They asked me the question; 

“can you ban this book with a malicious spirit?”

 At first I was a bit bewildered by their question and so I was looking at the other employees as they looked at me waiting for me to respond.


The bookstore is where one goes to find knowledge and we employees were the believers who were dispensing truth and wisdom for the multitudes of people were perishing for lack of knowledge. 

 The book they held up with the malicious spirit was the quran!

This book was permeating our society and further corrupting our culture. It was opening the door of rebellion to even more demonic spirits.


When they asked me the question if we could “ban the book”, they were actually asking the question 
“are you able to overcome this book?”

Again, “are you able to Overcome this book?”

End of dream

This dream seems to dovetail into another dream regarding Islam I had in April 2009. 
The dream was titled “America will accept Islamic Counting.”


The LINK to this dream can be found at:



Blessings to you and your houses,

Steve Grable