“The Plateau of the Lord”

Dream January 31st, 2016
“Come Up Higher”
Word received during worship on Friday 2-5-2016
Greetings Dear Saints,
I had a dream and within five days came a word during worship in a prayer meeting that I now believe are very possibly connected. Many times the Holy Spirit (as I have explained in prior articles) enjoys the changing of the presentation of prophetic revelations.
The dream began with my gazing down upon what appeared a “living map” of America as the events were moving and one could trace events as they we’re happening. My initial response was first bewilderment, then amazement and finally a fear grasped me.
I was in a prone position on the very edge of this great plateau and was looking down upon this map. I could clearly see a multitude of storms, hurricanes, explosions were going off and smoke was rising. There were many states, it was not every state but seemed to be a hit and miss as I viewed the map.

Note, this was not simply a high place with a valley. 
This “plateau” where the Believers were located was extremely high up! in fact I could not even see the connection between the high plateau and the map of America. In my mind, I felt we were connected but knowing it would be an impossibility to have such a view unless we were thousands of feet above the earth.

These chaotic events were all happening simultaneously and sporadically across all of America. I could not count them nor did I attempt to do so because the fear came!
In watching all of these things, fear gripped me! It was as though by observing and placing my focus and by this simple act, I had opened the door to the enemy. 
My position had been on the outer-rim of this great plateau and I edged myself back away from the place. There was a gigantic fortress type structure but it too extended to the very edge of the plateau. I considered going inside except my fleshly mind kept thinking of it proximity and possibility of falling off. 
I went across a large street and viewed several small houses that seemed rather out of place and very flimsy compared to the great fortress. Among these small houses, on the outside of the houses would be 3 or 4 Believers all huddled together seeking protection,
all seemed to be in great fear.
end of dream
Interpretation of dream

This Plateau will be a place of safety for Believers who stay close to the Lord. It was far removed from the chaos that filled the earth. This will not alienate us from helping in the Harvest however as we walk through the fires that are raging, not even the smell of smoke will be upon us.

The Fortress was the Lords’ and the houses were there as a choice for those who (while they were safe) were still hiding and cowering in fear for they too had looked over the edge and observed all that was taking place.
It will become an absolute necessity for Believers to avoid focusing on all the evil and upheaval that will soon fill the earth. If we allow ourselves to focus our attention on the wrong things, then our response will mirror that of Unbelievers. 
What we “absorb into ourselves” will contribute greatly to who we will become. When in fear, it is impossible to truly hear the Holy Spirit. Learning to keep our peace in ALL situations will become paramount. 
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8
The following word came during a prayer meeting held this past Friday.

“Come Up Higher”
 Word Received During Worship February 5th, 2016

Draw near unto me
For I have seen your heart and I have set my purposes upon you.
Through hardship and suffering, you have come of age and understanding.
I have much for you to engage and to accomplish.
Your greatest task is for your complete obedience.
I am calling you up higher.
Open your eyes and open your ears and see and hear those things 
I have determined for you.
Come up higher and allow me to embrace you.
You are my beloved and my prize.
Walk beside me and experience my favor,
my glory and my calling that is on you and my love for you.
You are seated in Heavenly places with me.
You have all access to your every need.
Arise to your proper place for you have walked below this place.
You do not have because you do not ask.
When all else fails you, then you come and seek me.
Seek me early, for all things have been appropriated for you.
You are loved…….You are loved…….You are loved!