“End Time Nations”


Nations that come against Israel in latter days

Ezekiel Chapter 38 gives us names of several nations that will come against Israel in the last days.
Gog (leader of Russia and all the troops with him will be destroyed in the mountains of Israel by a
great earthquake found in chapter 39.

The nations are as follows:

Gog is the prince over nations in modern day Russia.

Prince over Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.

Magog is the over-all land of Russia

Rosh is the specific land of Russia

Meshech is Moscow (of which Gog is the prince over)

Tubal is the city of Tobolsk in Siberia, again Gog is the prince.

Gomer is a little more difficult to find but many historians/biblical scholars place it in Central and North Central Turkey.

Today these “Gomerites” live in the west-central part of Turkey.

His descendants are usually identified as the Cimmerians 8th century.

Josephus identified the people of Galatia with Gomer.
Having said the former, some believe it to be Germany and Austria.

Paras – Persia is modern day Iran

Put is modern day Libya

Togarmah is modern day parts of Turkey and Armenia
(remember borders are different and one Biblical nation may be a part of two nations today)

Cush is modern day Sudan and a portion of Ethiopia
(Sudan is a very militaristic Islamic nation and is heavily aligned with Iran in trading and ideologies)

Interesting note, there is no mention of Egypt or Jordan both of which have current peace agreements with Israel.

Also there is no mention of Syria, (Iran’s agent of harassment) could it be that she is a ruinous heap (by this time) as described in Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, Jeremiah 49:23-27 and Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39?


If look at a map above of the middle East,
we can easily see how a concerted military effort
would seemingly be a disaster to Israel

if not for the Lord’s protection over her.

Israel would be faced with 3 major fronts,

Russia and Turkey from the North,

Iran from the East

Sudan and Ethiopia from the Southwest