“The Devil’s Dream”

Contempt is sent upon His Princes and 

The Four Requests of Job

November 14th, 2015



Whenever the Lord simply withdraws His hand of protection over a man or a nation; God is blamed for the work of the enemy! Job Chapter 1:16b

When we blame someone, it is the same as cursing them. 
Just as when we kiss someone, we are praising them. When Judas kissed Jesus and Jesus said to Judas, “you betray me with a kiss” in other words Jesus was saying, “you betray me with praise.


A teaching of three separate but inter-connected parts.
The Lord and the devil are speaking and the Lord says have you considered my servant Job, there is none like him. Father God is lifting up Job as a “Trophy of Light” before the enemy of our souls.


When reading the Book of Job, we remember the three friends who come to visit him.  However there was a fourth man who later comes upon the scene but this fourth man was not a friend of Job but his accuser.

Can you imagine the terrible appearance of Job’s body before his three friends was so horrendous they could not recognize him. The Bible states when they saw Job and they tore their mantles and wept over and with their beloved friend. When one truly loves, there is a grief that extends far beyond all expression. A man’s heart breaks for his friend.

The three men sat in utter silence with Job for seven days and seven nights, not one of them spoke during this period. For they all saw Job’s unbearable grief and could not speak a word.


Chapter 2:11 introduce us to Job’s three friends

Elifaz, which translates to “god of gold or god is fine gold.” This seems to imply that gold or wealth played a major part of this man’s character.

Bildad, which translates to “Bel has loved”
Bel is a Babylonian deity and represents the wisdom of the east or worldly wisdom.

Tzofar, which translates to “Chirper or whistler”
Or we could refer to him as “the annoying one.


Yet, there will be a fourth man who comes on to the scene in Chapter 32. There is also a systemic pattern of the number “Four” being used throughout this entire book and for good reason.

The meaning of the number “4”, is to observe, to inspect and to examine. (see the brief explanation of this teaching at the very end of this article)

This has great significance

for it allows us to see that we are witnessing an inspection or examination of Job’s life throughout this book.


Four (4) men, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, chronicle “the life” of Jesus. 

So too the judgment of Jesus was made on four (4) separate occasions. 
1. Caiaphas the high priest inspects Jesus.
2. Pilate examines Jesus.
3. Herod inspects Jesus and finds him innocent.
4. Then Herod sends Jesus back to Pilate for the fourth and final examination.


“The Devil’s Dream”

This is the fourth (4th) man who is not a friend but is the accuser!

Elihu states that he is younger; he is drawn to wrath four (4) times by the lack of wisdom from Job and his three elder friends. In fact Elihu states that he cannot restrain himself. In chapters 32 and the first half of chapter 33, Elihu uses the pronouns of I, me, my and mine a total of 55 times. He also states his words are his opinions on two occasions.

However like the devil’s MO, Elihu took it one step too far and revealed he was not a friend at all but “the accuser of the brethren. “

My desire is that Job may be tried unto the end because of his answers for wicked men. Job 34:36

The fourth man’s name is Elihu.

He is a Buzite which means that he is from an Arabian tribe, he is an Arab. However the name “Buzi” has a hidden nugget of its meaning.

“Contempt sent upon Princes”

The word Buzi translates to the word “Contempt”.
And that is exactly what this man demonstrates is to bring a constant flow of accusations upon a servant of the Most High.


The plot thickens once again when we read words of Job.

 He poureth contempt upon princes, Job 12:21a

So a man of Contempt is sent to bring contempt upon a prince named Job!


Dear Saint, It is the “devil’s dream” to keep you on trial until your very end! Here the “end” translates to the very day of your destruction. The devil’s obsessive-compulsive desire and duty is to make our lives so miserable that we will seek rest from his onslaught at any cost.

Yet, it is in the Lord’s good pleasure that He might display you as a “Trophy of Light” to illuminate a pathway of righteousness for the lost! When you have achieved this status in the Heavenly Realm, you will most certainly become a target of the enemy.

“Only those who dare to stand tall are seen from afar!”

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matt 5:16


“The Four Request of Job”

1. that thou would appoint me a set time, and remember me! Job 14:13C

2. His sons come to honor, and he knoweth it not; Job 14:21A
    Job desired to see his sons and daughters brought to a place of honor.

3. Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a
    book! Job 19:23

4. Job’s forth (4) and final request, he might plead his case before God.
     I would order my cause before him, and fill my mouth with arguments. Jobs 23:4


The end of the story… 
God heard Job in the midst of his pain and anguish and sorrow.
Job’s every request was both heard and answered by God’s mercy.

Dearest Saint, in our darkest hour, within the emotional upheaval of our heaviest grief, when all else has apparently failed us. We have a Savior and Lord who is diligently watching over our every thought, every concern and every need with a love that stretches far beyond what is thought or spoken.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable