Earthquake in Central Florida
Monday October 26, 2015


Again, I need to qualify the following. I did not receive a timeline for this dream. Out of over one hundred dreams spanning thirty years I have only received the timing for two of the many dreams.

The dream began where I was driving, I understood this to mean I was local (central Florida) and not simply in some other area. 

I was alone in my car and was following another car and I knew the Holy Spirit was driving and I was less than one minute behind Him.

In my spirit I knew that we could only be away from each other for a brief moment and we had to be together again and yet I also know that He dwells within me. In many dreams I will see Him driving a bus or even holding His hand when we walk together so this thinking is not at all unusual.

I was following closely behind Him as He took a slight curve to the left and then disappeared down a hill. When I reached the top of the hill and was descending toward the bottom, I was awed by what I was witnessing.

Much of the damage had already occurred however it was still in the process. I would see smaller portions of land rise up quickly and then settle down some but not to their original position or flatness and these were happening all around me.

Over to my left I watched almost in a frozen state and it was taking place  in slow motion. There was a portion of flat land perhaps a half acre that rose up to about 30 to 40 feet and then the right side of it collapsed forming a shape almost like a “A”.

By this time I had slowed to a crawl, I saw running water into a small side street as I turned right and away from the majority of the destruction. Thought that perhaps the water was coming from underground broken water pipes.

I went to a nearby friend’s house and watched as he and three of his friends had just arrived. When first approaching them, they seemed very quiet and had little to say. I could sense in them almost a sense of shock.

However as I gently persisted in asking them questions such as, “did you see the earthquake from where you came”? Was the destruction wide spread?

They finally began to acknowledge that yes they had seen the destruction and yes it was wide spread.

Here I have to share the location of where I was driving when I observed the earthquake from my area, Titusville, Florida.

In fact I believe I have driven that road in Titusville many times. It is in the LaCita area on Country Club Road. There are two golf courses on this road. I was driving east.

This is the part I am not absolutely certain, but have a sense it is correct. After getting up and continuing to re-live the event, when the four men stated that it was wide spread, felt the strong impression that they had come from the Lakeland area.

But remember that although the damage I experienced was in Titusville, and I believe the Lord was saying the destruction extended far out reaching the area of Lakeland Florida. 

Titusville Florida to Lakeland Florida is approximately 90 miles.
Conclusion, so this earthquake will not be confined to a small area.


Blessings to you and your house,
Steve Grable