“The Anguish of the Lord”

August 21st, 2015


The definition of the word anguish means suffering, extreme pain, mournful, aching, agonized, sorrowful, regretful, wailing weeping, heartbroken and grieving.

Greetings Dear Saints,

Last night I had a very strange dream that has left me with a nearly broken heart, even as I write this letter to you, it is tugging at my heart.

 In this dream, I nearly cried out from the rejection and the loneliness it presented. I do not believe there is a greater heartache than to love one with your entire being, so ready to offer everything. The overwhelming desire to spend your life and all that you are and all you have with an another who views you as less than first choice.

The dream began and I saw a physically beautiful woman but it was not just her beauty that attracted my interests. It was also her ways, her gait, the way she carried herself. It was also her attributes and I mean this in the most honorable way. She was simply an incredibly desirable woman. She was very intelligent had a wonderful laugh, a sense of adventure and she enjoyed life!

For a very short time, I watched her from afar but knew she was also spending a considerable amount of time with another man. The more I observed her the more I began to love her. So we began to spend time with one another and in this dream I remember we were riding horses

The interpretation of riding horses, first you elevated up or you are high up.
Also, the strength of the horse so you have a “foundation of strength”.
Also you would have a greater ability for speed and agility.


Continue with the dream

and laughing all the time and we were quickly becoming much more than friends, we enjoyed many things together. My life began to be consumed with this beautiful woman and our growing relationship; there was simply no other that I would ever desire more than her.

Once she proudly displayed an article she had written however when I looked at the article, there was open space above her article. For some unknown reason, where there should have been a photo of her above the column, the space was empty. While this concerned me, we continued.

More and more we seemed to be affixed on each other and yet in the deepest part of my emotions, I knew she was still spending time with the other man and viewed him as an integral part of her life.

Finally the day came I could no longer contain my words of love for her for they were full of my emotions and they came pouring forth. My greatest desire was to care for her and the longing for her had come to a place where complete honesty with her had to be openly spoken.

All of our joyous moments of laugher and love and wondrous times could not proceed without a decision. I spoke this truth to her knowing that this ultimatum may well be the end of everything if she chose wrongly. She simply must make a decision, either she continued with the other or she would choose me.

Must openly say, that if there had been no initial connection, if there had been no mutual desire between us, dare to say, we would not have taken even the first step. Yet, I knew she was “mostly” mine but not entirely.

There was only one thing left for her, she must make a commitment, either to her former life or to the one with me.

In our physical world, if a woman or man spends time with another other than their spouse, it is considered to be adultery, so we see His anguish!



“This is the great anguish of the Lord”!


Dear Saint,

This is you and I; we are seeing another and intermittently run back to Jesus, the One who loves us most!

We spend time with another when…we find excuse “Not to forgive our brothers and sisters”.

We effectively are saying to the Lord, I know you will forgive me But I chose not to forgive this person who has done ill to me.

We spend time with another when…we are in constant fear.

We spend time with another when…we lust after things that are not ours!

We spend time with another when…we lie and somehow believe it’s ok!

We spend time with another when…every time we are watching a TV program and it has questionable content.

We spend time with another when…we allow our Bibles to sit, we do not visit Him.

We spend time with another when…we find ourselves getting angry toward God and toward others.


Dear Saint, what I say to you is double upon my own head!

The time is quickly approaching that you will be made to commit!
Our very lives and where we choose to spend all eternity will entirely depend upon your choices and decisions NOW!

Believe me when I say, if you have not already made that decision before you come to that moment in time when your life may be in jeopardy, you may fade away from your relationship with the Lord.
Commit to Him now! 


I once head a very wise pastor say the following,

“If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything”!


Dear Saint, begin to spend your time with the Lover of your soul,


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable