“Reasons Why”

The Economic Collapse is Coming!
And one way to facilitate the Transfer of Wealth into the house of the righteous

June 17th, 2015


Greetings Dear Saints,

I am the first to admit that the “timing” of prophetic events is the most difficult to successfully navigate. Although the Holy Spirit has revealed numerous dreams about the future of America and the world it is nearly impossible to place these events into sequential order. 

I have been shown America seemingly as a third world nation void of those things we now expect and enjoy. Have watched as Lawless men rule as they chose and have seen martial law but not its timing. I have seen the incarceration of multitudes of people both Jews and Christians including myself. I have stood before unbelievably cruel soldiers as they were killing innocent citizens and laughing. The Lord has shown me the great desperation that America is entering.

AND ALSO the greatest sovereign work of the Holy Spirit ever in all the days of man that will surpass all our expectations. So you see, the hard things must come; this is the only way for man to come to repentance!

Have also seen in dreams that the Spirit is about to bring restoration of all physical attributes to the bodies to the Saints. Just as when the Israelites walked out of their bondage, not one was sick among them!

Dear Saint, your body will be healed just as mine will; healing is coming!

Having said all the above, the most challenging times of our lives are before us!
Although I want to continually say, “Mercy Triumphs over Judgment”, those days have nearly slipped away and I no longer believe that judgment is avoidable. 
Although prayer will always bring some form of relief to the righteous. The “fervent prayer” of a righteous man avails much. While our prayer will not remove the judgment, it can lesson some of the painful consequences and affects of our sin! 


There will be a trigger to set things into motion!
Financial collapse may be that trigger. Additionally there will be riots by those who have lost everything and racial riots will intensify. All of which will give cause for this Administration to establish martial law.

These seem the most likely. Other possible triggers include Israel attacking the nuke facilities in Iran, Any and/or all of these are viable and could happen any day. It will be a turning point in America! It will be a day of transition; a day of demarcation and a day of mourning for America. 

When the wickedness of our US Supreme Court changes the definition of Marriage, all those who believe in the laws of God will instantly become enemies of the State. Just speaking the Word of God will place you into a jail cell and after a short period, they will need to make room. Our lives will become of little value.

The Bible states that the Lord stores up His wrath for the wicked!

Like a mighty dam, for a season all appears to be holding. Then suddenly without further warning, the wrath comes to a tipping point and the righteousness of a Holy God is poured out.

We the Church have “up until now”, failed in many ways. 
I heard the Lord say years ago, 

“The Price of Admission is Desperation”.   
Here is the LINK



It is in the times of great desperation, we come as broken vessels to the One who loves us most. In that time of our desperation, He will be found of us! If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves seek My face and pray. Again, through prayer, the Saints can avoid much of the heartache.


Changing subjects…
Usually when approaching an issue and its solution, they are taken in that format, first the problem and then the best possible course of action for resolution. 


However knowing beforehand that I will lose some of you because of the length of this letter; I believe it best to give you at least one solution first and then address some of the Reasoning of the coming collapse.

There is coming (in some form) a transfer of wealth
While it may seem inconsequential to many, still the ability to take care of our own houses, help others and bless the Kingdom is a wonderful gift and great responsibility. 

Many years ago, I read a book and in most books hopefully I take away “one main thing”, something that will change my life. I read that if you truly want to be blessed of God, to prosper in all the ways that are most important, “find something that God is doing and become involved”. In other words, attach yourself to His purposes!


While I am not a financial advisor, I have however invested in silver and gold years ago and did very well as a result of listening to the Lord. I would again invest in US Silver Eagles.

Since then I have sought the Lord in regards to Zion Oil & Gas and have on four different occasions heard Him speak to me.

Here is a LINK to those “The Four Things”




Then you shall see and become radiant,

And your heart shall swell with joy;

Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you,

The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you. Isaiah 60:5


NOTE: Dear Saints, this was prophetic Word, and has occurred just a few years ago when Noble Energy was drilling offshore and found natural gas in tremendous abundance just 50-miles off shore from Haifa. Since then they have made several other finds of natural gas and Israel has enough natural gas to last beyond 30 years and are now exporting. 

There are additional prophetic passages all pointing to Israel becoming a nation of great wealth in the end days. And this great wealth will be achieved primarily through the finding of Hydrocarbons (OIL).

Zion Oil will begin drilling again in 2016 and the prices will rise dramatically when they begin so now is the time to buy!


I highly recommend Zion Oil shares to you. I have personally invested with them simply because I wish to bless Israel. And if the Lord calls me home through any event, at least I will leave behind a blessing to the people and Land of Israel.

The shares of Zion Oil & Gas are found on the NASDAQ  under the symbol ZN.
Currently the shares are selling for just $2.10. 

Zion Oil is headquartered in Dallas Texas and also in Caesarea Israel.

You can contact them for a “Free Investor’s Package” without any obligation. There will be a short book, CD and other material. 
Their number in Dallas, 



Reasons for the timing as being for now for Israel to bring forth “treasure (oil) from the sand. 
President Obama has cut off all emergency oil supplies to Israel. 

Israel has enjoyed the benefits of America’s friendship but the price has been truly expensive. Israel was coerced by America into dragging her citizens off their land in the Gaza Disengagement and as a result has Hamas on her doorstep and is firing rockets at Israel. 

America has increasingly demanded Israel give up Land for peace. Obama has now gone beyond any American President in his narcissistic tantrums and demands. Because of this administration, America has backed away from Israel. 

Additionally, the US Supreme Court has just effectively denied Jerusalem as a part of Israel on Monday June 8th. This overturns a law dating back to 2002 that would have declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Chief Justice John Roberts was among the three who opposed the Supreme Court decision. He said of the ruling, “Today’s decision is a first: never before has this court accepted a president’s direct defiance of an act of Congress (Congress passed the law) in the field of foreign affairs.”

The Lord is orchestrating this loss of Israel’s staunchest ally. 
For only then when Israel stands alone will God reveal Himself.
The Lord will protect and provide for Israel. 

The secular and spiritual reasoning for the economic collapse of America

From a secular view

1. Derivatives and bonds, worldwide, 719 trillion dollars

2.  71% of all money government takes in goes toward our entitlements

3. Leading indicators are all falling such as Copper etc.

4. US National debt over 18 Trillion Dollars

5. China has tucked away 30,000 tons of gold and is set to become the world economy, as the American dollar will lose its status.

The derivatives are extremely important!

The FDIC at your local bank is in place supposedly for our protection.

If your bank or credit union becomes insolvent, the FDIC steps in to save the depositors.

The US Treasury prints money and gives it to the FDIC. 
The FDIC in turn will cover insolvent banks

Our Congress has voted and passed a law making the FDIC responsible for all derivatives. 

These derivatives are absolutely staggering in dollar amount. Derivatives are considered a “Hedging Strategy”. 

This hedging can be toward a bull or a bear market.


Have heard “derivatives” explained this way.

Imagine there are 100 investors in the stock market.

There are 10,000 people on the sidelines who are betting on how well those 100 people are doing with their investments.

So the worth is not in the derivative itself but is a financial bet on something else.

Derivatives are characterized by high leverage and are used for speculative purposes. There are well over 300 trillion of risky derivatives from major banks alone. This is a legalized form of gambling, a roll of the dice venture with the American economy.



The economic collapse of America from a Christian perspective 

1. The end of American support for Israel and now we have aligned ourselves with the enemies of Israel.     

2. 55 million babies murdered and much other shedding of innocent blood.

3. Arrogance of America’s citizens and her leadership

4. Promiscuity in every media, sex has taken over our society

5. Compromise by many of those who stand in the pulpits 

6.  Shallow Christians who neither know the word nor act upon what they do know.  

7. Removal of God from every level of our society

8. We have mocked God saying, “where is His coming! America does not believe the Lord will judge America!

9. The many warnings God is presenting to us to repent.

10. The cycles and patterns of the Bible upon nations who turn from God. The Shemitah cycle will uncover the nakedness of America. 

 Dear Saints, In 2006 I received a dream that is about to begin!

Dyslexic Baby To A Glorious Bride

November 9, 2006


The dream began with seeing two entities; the first was a baby on the left sitting in a type of high chair and perhaps 10 feet to the right sat a beautiful woman.

My position was in front and to the left of the baby and I felt in the spirit there were others with me. We were ridiculing the baby for the way it spoke and behaved…….as a baby!

Then suddenly the baby straightened up and looked at us and said,

“I speak this way because this is what I hear!”

And I heard the word “Dyslexic”


All of us had an immediate sense that this was of the Lord!

The baby seemed to disappear and my attention was drawn to the beautiful woman sitting in the chair.

As I approached her I could see five very small-elongated openings around her lower face primarily in the area of her mouth. And from these small cavities came an extraordinarily bright light!

The incredible light was emanating from these openings, these cavities in the woman’s face!

After a brief moment, the places became larger and larger to the point that her whole face radiated like the sun and then her entire person was aglow to where it was almost impossible to look directly at her.

End of dream.

It is my belief that the Lord is saying,

The Baby

Webster’s defines the word dyslexic, as an individual with normal vision who is unable to properly interpret written language. Most dyslexic people have an inability to keep words in their proper order. They tend to mix up their words, replacing one word for another without realizing the error.

Enter the Church! “The Glorious Bride”

She has been the “Virtual Baby” who has allowed someone else to feed her with error!

The Church has not matured for two primary reasons, her own sin of laziness and the sin of corrupt leadership. Many, who “serve” were never called! Neither the leadership nor the Church have displayed the holiness of the Lord, therefore we have a Church without power. The Church does not know what she believes or why she believes it.

The Baby said, “I speak this way because this is what I hear!”

Yes, that is certainly true! We hear and speak error to one another

without the wisdom of G-d. Both believers and leadership blame each other. We have regressed in to that virtual baby who has forsaken all maturity and retreated from our rightful position!





The Bride

When the picture in the dream changed from the baby to the beautiful woman, she was quietly sitting in the chair and looked totally normal in every way. For a brief minute she was inactive and there was nothing supernatural about her.

Then suddenly five distinct marks, more like cavities appeared!

These cavities went deep into her very essence as she was being revealed to us.


At first the cavities were very small, almost impossible to detect but quickly they became more obvious as they grew in size and intensity.

I believe that these Five small cavities were representative of the “Five Fold Ministries.”

This time, it will be the Lord who calls out His men and women for this End time work! Most of them will have been in a place of sanctification and preparation for many years.


They have been specifically prepared for this time and this event and will be used mightily by the power of the Holy Spirit! It is vitally important to say, although the five small cavities were the beginning of the process it soon became apparent that the entire Bride was emanating the light of Jesus!


The Lord will initially use the “Five Fold Folks” as an ignition key!

Then quickly “The Entire Body of Christ” will have been activated to a degree that it will be impossible to discern which is which. The Bride will become like Him, we will put on the character and beauty of Jesus!

The Shorter the Time, the Greater the Intensity!


And so it was with this woman who was becoming more and more beautiful by the moment! Everything that was within Her began to breakthrough and emit light so beyond comprehension that even the eyes could not fix on her for Her light and holiness was Jesus!

This is about to take place, the dyslexic Baby who is about to be

transformed in to the Glorious Bride!


 Blessings to you and your house,
 Steve Grable