And the lion will roar the words,
“I come against you with the power of the Holy Ghost”

April 29, 2015



Wednesday April 29th, I had a dream. I shared the dream with dear Saints John and Marie the next day. While I have had well over 100 dreams, this by all standards of the past, was a powerful dream!

I was in a large open space and was being held down on a large round marble (like) table by a demonic force. This went on for only a brief moment and yet much took place in the short period of time.

There were several demons on each arm and each leg. I did not just sense their presence but was actually able to see them in a blurry fashion. There were probably 50 or more demons in this place.

I heard many voices at one time and yet was not able to make out what they were saying until a large deep voice began to speak. He was without doubt the leader or a high-ranking demon. His voice was very articulate, distinct and almost regal and revealed a command presence.

When this demonic power began speaking directly to me, I could not see him but his voice again was very powerful. He was saying I was weak, without any help, totally hopeless, I was without any “natural” ability or power and that I was completely defenseless against him. He was saying everything to marginalize my faith and my calling. That is was utterly useless to engage him in the natural or the supernatural. 

However you see, I knew what these demons also knew; they could not hurt me in any way! Again, I was in this position for what seemed like just a brief moment. 

Suddenly, I sat up on my own accord; broke away from the arms of every demon attempting to hold me down, they scattered and had turned into nothing as I roared out the words…

In that brief almost immeasurable moment,
I began to speak like the roar of a lion!

I had absolutely no fear and came against them immediately without even so much as a second of delay. When I began to speak all the demons fell backward as if swept aside by an unseen power.

As I was in the progress of sitting up, I then roared like a lion the words,
“But I come against you with the power of the Holy Ghost!”

Every demon fell back ward, they were silenced, shamed and fled!
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord who lives inside of YOU will roar like a lion, set your heart and mind to be full of His Holy Boldness! As a man thinks so is he!

I realized by the power of the Spirit, they were not there to hurt me for they knew that was impossible, for they did not have that power.

No, their primary desire and duty was to keep me from engaging them in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

While they were there to spiritually hold me down, cause doubt and bring fear, all of this was done for one reason, to cause me to come against them by my own power. 

The enemy wanted to establish the “Rules of Engagement”.

But when I came against them by the power of the Holy Ghost, 
they were exposed for what they truly are, “A defeated foe!” 

When the enemy comes upon you, resist him, submit yourself to God and the devil will flee.

Dear Saints, it is now time for you to arise to your calling!

It is now time for you to arise to your rightful place! 

It is now time for you to engage the enemy!


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable