“When Israel Attacks Iran’s Nuclear Facilities”

March 31, 2015 

Part 1


Many events are about to converge in the Middle East, in America and the world.
This is soon coming a year of the perfect storm! 

The number “4” always signifies an examination or an inspection is taking place, IE, the 4 Gospels was an inspection or examination of the life of Jesus. Also the Passover lamb was inspected or examined from the 10th day to the 14th day. This was done to ensure the lamb was not ill or deformed in any way; it was to be a suitable and perfect lamb for sacrifice. There are many more examples of this concept hidden within the Scriptures. (for further study on this subject go to the Jeremiah111 website)

This perfect storm will be comprised of four parts

1. Israel will remove the Iranian threat
2. Terrorists attacks on American soil
3. Economic upheaval
4. Restoration of the Saints into wholeness and holiness

These four events while they may “appear” to be triggered by Israel are in fact being carefully orchestrated and moved forward by the elites. This collapsing of the Middle East has occurred in large part because of Obama’s policies. There is a concerted effort to destroy our ally Israel by those who hate her and desire her absolute destruction.

The first of four
, Israel has been left with no other option other than to remove the Iranian threat without any assistance. In fact, I believe Obama may have already threatened to come against any Israeli warplanes if they attempt to bomb Iran. So in effect Israel may be in the direct path of America’s own warplanes. This will drive the wedge even deeper if that is possible.

The Lord has given me several dreams over the years. One was that in a church meeting of believers, I heard a woman in the dream saying.

“Then we (America) will have to go to war with Israel.
Here is he LINK to this dream.


President Obama has purposely and skillfully created a no win situation and has betrayed Israel at every turn. If it were not for the grace and sovereignty of God, Israel would indeed have no chance for survival. Israel is the Apple of His eye and the Lord’s resting place. 

Many seem to think President Obama simply has an issue with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but this is not the case in its entirety. Obama despises the Jews!  After all, Obama’s father was Muslim, his stepfather was also Muslim and make no mistake; Mr. Obama is Muslim! 


Benjamin Netanyahu is a roadblock to Obama’s agenda of destroying Israel!  This is the reason for Obama attempting to undermine the Prime Minister in the recent elections. Obama’s real target is Israel herself! Obama has determined to place Israel into a place of both capitulating to his demands and retreat to the point of shaming them. And then forcing them to retreat to the Pre=1967 borders. 

It is a known fact that these borders are totally indefensible, leaving Israel just 9-10 miles wide at its narrowest point. This would mean that the Palestinians could bring their rockets to within striking range of the Ben Gurion airport, thereby shutting down all commercial air traffic. This is another way of removing the tourist’s dollars which are vital to Israel survival. 

If Israel resists Obama then they will appear as if they are challenging the office of the US President and thereby the United States. When Israel attacks the nuclear facilities of Iran, they will come off looking ungrateful for the help America has provided all these years. 

Regardless, Israel only has one option left and that is to remove the threat of annihilation of Iranian nuclear missiles. Iran has consistently pledged the destruction not only of Israel but also of every Jew!

The blatantly obvious hatred and actions this lawless president against the Jewish people has seemed to have had a demonic favor up until now.

Yet, KNOW THIS, these things do not go unnoticed by our Father God. Up until now, the United States has enjoyed the unmerited favor of God.

While Obama is revealing his true character and his harshness against Israel, the God of Israel is about to bring about many unwanted responses to America as a result of Obama’s actions. 


This week Three highly important things have flown under the radar.
Israel’s emergency Oil supplies

Obama has refused to re-sign an agreement promising Israel that the US will provide oil to Israel in case of being cut off by their normal suppliers and in time of warThis has been an ongoing agreement for decades but now Obama has refused to sign the new agreement.

Note, this may well be the trigger for Oil in abundance to be found in Israel. Would suggest all of you to buy Zion Oil and Gas shares. They begin to drill again in the second half of this year.

Two state solution is about to be forced upon Israel

Obama has been looking for a way to withdraw America’s support and partnership for Israel. Obama is about to go to the UN and remove our veto to a two state solution. In other words, Obama will pave the way for a “forced” two state solution. This will be done regardless of the objection of Israel.


The United States has exposed Israel’s nuclear facilities
The United States has just this week conveniently (in order to expose Israel) de-classified proof of Israel’s nuclear facility with aerial photographs which de-legitimizes Israel protest of the Iranians also having nuclear capabilities. Do you see what Obama is doing on many fronts. 

This declassification of the Israeli nuclear facilities photos which are now available to anyone including Iran and every other country. This will become an issue in the future for Israel. Because of Obamas policies, this may well cause a nuclear race among the other nations. And at some point, the UN will step in and demand the middle east nations to demilitarize and Israel will be the first country the UN will demand to unarm herself.  Without this deterrent, Israel is completely exposed.

Additionally this week America has also (again to injure Israel) declassified other Israeli weapons systems that were unknown to the other nations until this week. Make no mistake, this man, Obama is out to take down Israel, and remove all nations that might help her.

Obama does as he has threatened to do with regard to going to the UN and he withdraws all US opposition to a Two State solution in Israel, I have just three words of warning, “Watch out America”

When this takes place, every hedge of protection America has enjoyed, will be removed. Every weapon we have for intelligence and response will become as nothing. America will be attached! Every measure of security we have had until now will be useless. America by her own hand will be crossing the final threshold; the favor of God will removed “as a Nation”. There will bring a tremendous loss, and fire and destruction of cities. America will be on the pathway of a third world country.

As you will see very soon, there awaits undesired consequences to those nations who deal harshly and unfairly with the Nation of Israel. 

While the Lord is long suffering in many respects, He will not allow any nation to do evil and repetitively cause harm to Israel. The Lord spoke in the Bible saying, He would use Moab as a wash pot, meaning He allowed Moabites to come against Israel as a temporary correction. 

However, the Lord also stated the following. 
Woe to those nations who do come against His people.

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable