“Prophesying Within the Vision”

March 21, 2015


Dreams and visions of the Holy Spirit are unique in their mechanics!

We Christian believers who have these dreams and visions do not fully understand their ever-changing presentation by the Holy Spirit.

The reasoning behind this teaching is two fold. The first is to examine the differing styles of presentation of the Holy Spirit with regard to prophesying, dreams and visions. The second is to examine more closely a certain passage in the book of Revelation that seems to cause many Saints to arrive at a wrong theology.

One can usually follow directions. However if he is not in the specific place he believes to be, then following the prescribed directions he will most certainly arrive at a place he did not intend!

Many in the Church when they read the book of Revelation will read the first three chapters and conclude that since the Church is no longer mentioned by name, then they have been removed. (via the Rapture)

We read Revelation 7:9 (kjv)

After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;

In this passage it could easily be assumed from this verse that John is viewing the Saints in Heaven before the throne. And since the Church had not been mentioned from the end of chapter 3 until chapter 7,
the rapture / removal of the Saints had long since occurred.

This passage 7:9, is where the Apostle John speaks what he is seeing. He later makes the same statement at the request of an Angel. The first event has erroneously swayed many as to the timing of the Rapture within the book of Revelation.


The above verse at first appears to be an event that is taking place at that moment. However in the following passage Rev 10:11 we see that
John was simply “prophesying within the Vision” he had been experiencing. If you pay careful attention to the underlined phrase of “peoples, nations, kindreds, and tongues, it is used in both verses with a slight variation, 


So we see in Rev 7:9, John was prophesying within the vision.

And the proof of this is the angel when speaking to John in the following verse and states,

You (John) must Prophesy again about the peoples, nations and tongues.

Revelation 10:11 states the following.

And he (an Angel) said unto me (John) ,
Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.


So the conclusion is that the first time John was speaking out about seeing the peoples, nations, and tongues was John

“Prophesying while he was in the vision!”

When we arrive at this conclusion, we then come to a full understanding that very possibly the Church was not removed by the end of the 3rd chapter. So much of the Church is so centered on escaping the very difficult times that await us. Though none of us wish to have to endure difficult times, the Church will see them.


And Yet, His Glory and Grace will help you to endure until the end!

There must be a balance when approaching the things of God!

We cannot experience the mountaintop without having traveled through the valley.


Many years ago in 1998, I had the following dream.

Healing For the Nations


I had a dream where I was speaking with the Lord
face to face,

He was on my right and I was on His left. 

And in between us was a frame as in a window or picture frame.

And He had me to “look” through the window,

And I looked and saw myself, speaking with a man.
 And I was saying to the man:


“I have a vision for the healing of the Nations”

end of dream

In this dream, “within the dream, I was prophesying!”
While I was speaking with Jesus in real time (within the dream),
when He said to me to “Look”,

I then saw myself (in the future) prophesying to a man, yet this was to allow me to learn “three things” in one dream.

The Holy Spirit will often change the way He presents truth to us!
In this short dream, first the Lord revealed some of His plans for my life. The second was that the act of prophesying can come within a dream or vision.

And a vision can come within a dream.  And prophesying or a dream can come within a vision. All these different approaches are simply the awesome ever-changing language or presentation of the Holy Spirit!

This short dream taught me almost as much through its presentation as the actual revelation of the Lord. While this may sound a bit absurd, think for a moment.


If I were in the presence of the Lord in that very moment, then by watching myself prophesy to the man, the Lord was revealing to me what I would be doing in the future. Since I had already seen myself speaking in the spiritual realm.  

Since I had experienced this powerful conviction of faith that surged through my spirit at that prophetic moment. Then the “prophesying within the dream” would be a simple extension into the natural.
The third component in this lesson was this dream had strengthened and encouraged my faith.


March 6, 1983, the wonderful morning I was saved in a church in Daytona Beach, Florida, I had a very similar experience for the first time.

This “former” Catholic had gone to the altar to receive Jesus as my Savior when an incredible thing occurred! I went to kneel on the far right of the church altar (as you looked forward) and I had an out of body experience that had me in the back of the Church while watching myself kneeling in the front right side of the church altar.

That is when I observed from the back of the Church, the mighty
(in size) Hand of the Lord coming down diagonally from the far left side of the church ceiling coming down to touch me on the altar. To this day 32 years later, this out of body experience still has a profound impact upon me.

So my spirit had separated from my body for just those few seconds that enabled me to see the whole picture! If that had not happened exactly in that manner, I would have missed the Greatness of the Hand of the Lord coming to touch me.


These times of separation of body and spirit involves the purposes of the Lord. Many times I have been asleep and having numerous dreams throughout the night to the point I was physically weary when I awoke.

Although fatigued in body, my spirit was so excited I could barely contain my joy!

One such event happened a few years ago. I was to meet two sweet Saints; John & Marie and another lady to take them to Scottrade to purchase Zion Oil shares. While in the car, I shared these dreams with them and that as a result was weary in body but elevated in the spirit.

The previous night I had dreamed and experienced 5 different dreams.

Two dreams of being in Israel; two in China and one was in Iran.
These dreams can be found on Jeremiah111.org 
under Prophetic, then Dreams.

These dreams were so real that I remember conversations, both saw and smelled delicious food; even remember the steam arising from behind the buffet style restaurant. Remember meeting new people, seeing how musical tubular instruments were made and the beautiful music they made. I had a conversation with two men who were selling weapons in an outdoor market and how they paid officials off in order to sell their weapons.

Remember asking questions, and being answered. Speaking to two other men who were building a house in Israel and when they asked me what state I was from, and I said Orlando, they responded, they had been there. They were two Americans who were building houses with other Israelis. I distinctly remember asking them, how long did it take for them to learn Hebrew.

I heard the name of a man while in the one of China dreams. I was being led by a believing man to another man known by the locals as, get this, a man named “Osborn-again”. I knew in the dream that I had been sent to speak to this man. The Lord had a purpose, to give him a prophetic word or an elevation in his ministry office. There was a real purpose for this dream!

The events of these dreams and visions and the ability of the Holy Spirit to bring a prophetic word within them are more real than touching your own face! Once you have one, it will build your faith and encourage you to seek Him all the more. One thing I have asked from the Lord for many years was the following. “Please Lord, show me the hidden things”.


These night or day visions will enable you to travel to wherever the Holy Spirit has a purpose for you. I know most will not receive what I am about to share but regardless I must bring these things to you.

There will be times when your life will be in danger, depending upon the purposes of the Lord you may be hidden from the enemy. You may be transported to another location. You may be needed in another location and you will simply walk into your prayer closet and be transported. These things are coming to the church in a much greater way. Our greatest mistake is that we limit the God of creation.

In the days ahead, this will be a common and vital way of travel for God’s people. The governments of the world will not take kindly to the great revival that will be in full display through signs and wonders!

In the coming days, it will become a common occurrence for the Holy Spirit to transform and to transport His believers from one place of ministry to another.  The Spirit will move True Believers at His will. “Their very substance” will be changed before being transported.

 In one dream, I literally walked through a metal bus because a man was attempting to apprehend me. When he entered the bus after me, there was seemingly no escape for me. Except by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I moved right through the back of the bus and found myself outside beneath the rear bus window. Then I felt my body being levitated and my body was level and about 3-4 feet above the ground.
Distinctly remember saying, “Oh no” and I heard the Holy Spirit say,

“I will not hurt you”.

I then felt my “body’s very substance” being changed; it tingled as this was taking place. I then felt the acceleration of speed when the Holy Spirit took me to a new location.  This acceleration literally felt like a Jet plane taking off only more so, it was extreme yet I did not feel threatened. The only requirement for these events is that there be a purpose of the Lord.


I know to many these things will sound like science fiction, a fairy tale without substance, or maybe even a dream. Yet, know the ways of man are limited because of our experiences however as we know a “miracle” is an interruption of the natural.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable