“The Father’s Most Prized Possession”

September 7, 2014

We are His Inheritance

You have incredible worth, no one has every paid such a price for you!
Indeed, how does God view you but as a great treasure, a thing of beauty and value and worth. 
He sees your every moment and yet because of Jesus, you are one of His Holy Ones!

Though He has counted every hair upon your head, though He has engraved your name on the palms of His hands, there is so much more!

According to Jeremiah, He knew you before the day of your birth and knew you intimately even before He created the underlying pinnings of the foundations of the world. 

Though we have earthly fathers whose wish is to give us good gifts, it is the privilege of our Heavenly Father; who is the giver of “all” good gifts and whose knowledge and wisdom exceeds those thoughts of man to bless us.

He was joyful and as were the angels of Heaven the day you came forth!
The instant you drew your first breath, you were a sign of the greatness and goodness of our God! 
Your first cry was “a praise to Him” who loves you!

He has carefully and diligently watched over your life, each breath He has set aside just for you! He has known your every thought, heard your every word and observed your every action. He has cared for every detail concerning you, nothing has been a small thing in His sight regarding you.

You were made in an awesome way, different from all others in order to accomplish all the tasks that would be placed before you. There is not another like you in all the earth. You were made to be distinct, unique and perfect, for He made you in “His image”. You are intricately and wonderfully made.

There are specific “ingredients” He has with great care planted seeds within you and these will continue to grow and bring forth a harvest of good in honor of Him who made you. You have been gifted with callings and talents, with character traits many of which are as yet unknown to you but will called forth in the moment He has need of them. 

He has given you power and love and a sound mind. You have all freedom to chose and act righteously. You will continue to struggle and suffer and learn His ways but even our times or affliction is to be desired. 

“For in the midst of affliction, there is great blessing.”

He has wept over you while watching every painful thing you have endured! Every sickness, every loss every devastation, nothing has escaped Him. He provided all things to you as they were needed, He knew your every need before you were aware or called out for them. 

He strengthened you against the day of adversity! When you could not see the tragedy about to strike, He was with you in the midst of your misery and loss and heartache and He wept with you. Yet He continued to move you to heavenly counsel with the power of His Spirit and He enabled you to find the delightful lady of wisdom, for she is more precious than fine gold.

He rejoiced over the day of your Salvation! Yea all Heaven rejoiced and glory for you was given. For you have been purchased with the greatest of all prices, of unimaginable cost was your Salvation provided and assured. Jesus has paid all debt concerning you and you are now a righteous one and reserved for Glory!

Today, even today, He weeps over you as a loving Father who sees all your extreme challenges and He has provided for you and made you “more than a conqueror”, 
He has made you to be an overcomer!

Dear One, be anxious for nothing, but in all things, let your requests be known unto God, with prayer and supplication and “the peace of God that passes all understanding”,
will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Blessings to you and your house,
Steve Grable