“Christian Discomfort” Turn Many Against Israel and the Jewish People
November 16th, 2013


A Christian brother from out of the area had rented a very large beautiful hall in order to bring other believers together.
He was hoping to establish his ministry in the area.

The meeting was being held in a very large attractive building. Believe it was located in a shopping center except for the elegance of the room. It appeared to be at least 60-80 feet long and 40-60 feet wide.

This young man was honestly seeking to understand our history and introduce truth, keep in mind these were all believers.

Then I heard a woman at one of the tables say the following.

“We may have to go to war against Israel”.

She obviously had the ears of many seated at the table.
It also appeared that many shared her views.

I responded to her comments: “Then we will lose!”


I had the impression that some very important event involving Israel had taken place and there were ramifications extremely detrimental to America and her citizens. And now many Christians were rising up against Israel and her policies because they adversely affected America.

Believers were beginning to find fault with not only Israel but also the Jews and all they represented. 

end of dream

It is my personal belief the time is now for Israel to pre-empt a strike on the nuclear facilities of Iran. When this occurs, while it is absolutely necessary to the survival for Israel, it will cause economic and political stress for the United States. Many if not the majority will begin to adopt a more anti-Semitic attitude. Unfortunately it will become extremely unfashionable to be in support of the Jewish people.

Once again, the Jews will be in flight for their very lives, however this time, it will from America! 

If you are a Christian and you hold any animosity towards the Jewish people, you must repent!
For how can you say you love God whom you have not seen and hate your brother whom you have seen?
Or how do you hate another and expect to see Heaven? In the days ahead, the enemy will orchestrate many things that will give 
oppertunity to become cynical, despising and unrepentant.

Many “churches” will find fault with our Jewish brothers. Even now, many of the mainline churches are teaching doctrines of demons regarding the Church taking Israel’s place and promises.

Many Churches are instructing their congregations to divest of any stock that would bless Israel. Does this not sound like the spirit of anti-Christ? The Jew has brought to the Christian Church “All” things related to our Faith. Jewish Patriarchs who brought to us the Bible and they have paid the ultimate price for having done so. Our Jesus is a Jewish Man! The Apostles were Jewish, all the early Church was Jewish. The Gospel came first to the Jew and also to the Gentile.

Bless and curse not, “I will bless those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse them.