“Mass Exodus….Mass Hysteria”

Dream 10-14-2013



It was mid-day and nearly everyone was fleeing the area/region.
However no automobiles, no buses, no trains, nothing of any mechanical means
were being used, it was walking only.


I looked to my left and stuck my head in the front door of a shop,
there were a few ladies grabbing articles of clothing.
For some reason, 
this seemed to me to to be an act of desperation.

It was if the owners and managers of this and other shops had given up and
were fleeing for their lives. 

I began to walk down the tiered steps and watched many people who were also walking nearly running past me and also walking to the right and left but none were walking back behind us.


Had the impression it was a workday, many were dressed as though for work.


While most had only the clothes they were wearing, others had suitcases or backpacks. It was simply a matter of taking only what you could carry.


As I reached the bottom of the stairs and off to my right, there were a well dressed small group of men and women. By all appearances, they were well educated seemingly a very classy group and they were in a circle and throwing dice.


It was difficult to imagine why such a distinguished group would participate in this gambling with all that was happening around us.


Then I heard the words,
“they have nothing to lose!”


Then I came upon a beautiful park with a very large band shell. There must have been over one hundred musicians playing.


There was a huge audience listening to the music. Yet, instead of experiencing the joy of listening to the music, there was a somber mood among all those who were present.


The thought came to me that this was very similar to the scene of the movie Titanic.


The musicians were playing on the deck of the ship knowing that it was only a matter of time until they faced the inevitable. Each person had resolved himself to the obvious.


End of dream