“When His Glory Falls”


These last few years there have been many Saints who have been privileged with gaining a glimpse of what is about to take place with regard to the Church. The Holy Spirit will always bring confirmation of a thing.

What I am about to share will only confirm to some, astound others if they are able to believe, still many will scoff at the idea. The first mindset will “if their heart is ready to receive” feel a peace and unspeakable joy.

The second group will secretly say to themselves, could God really be that good, does He really care for the things that so affect me.The last group will say, we have heard of this thing for many years, I no longer believe we will see it.

Unless the Spirit of God has revealed this thing to you, it will seem like a dream, a fairy tale without substance. Could God be this kind hearted and merciful and will He make manifest His Glory?
Over twenty years ago, a dear friend asked me the question, “It is never going to get better is it?” Her question seemed to indicate that world events would continue to spiral downward. My reply came in two parts.

The first part of the answer was an emphatic no. Not if we look to the natural. No, it was/is not going to get any better “if” we are focusing on the chaos, crime, and economic collapse. As businesses and schools are closing and people are losing their livelihood, great desperation will envelope our society. Because of the economic distress, there will be a breakdown of local services. Our water, sewage and trash and other services will be interrupted resulting in sanitation issues thereby causing a major outbreak of disease. The price of daily necessities will escalate and become more and more difficult to find as weather patterns shift and crops fail. A sense of defeatism and dread will settle in over the land and its inhabitants. Hope will be the scarcest of commodities. Yet this will be a time of the manifestations of the Spirit.

It will be a time of anarchy which will create the need for and usher in martial law in America. The dollar will no longer reign as the world currency, our money will be nearly worthless. There are those both in America and the international community to seek to bring America into a desperate and needy state.

Americans will lose their Social Security, disability, pensions and every government entitlement. The Lord revealed this to me in a dream and a word some years ago, here is the LINK for that specific dream.

We the people will lose our Religious Freedom and will be considered enemy combatants too dangerous to travel among the population. Authorities will carefully monitor our email, phone calls and we will suffer loss of personal property. The Christians and the Jews will be America’s most hated group because of their intolerance to the sins of the Nation.

Civil rights will first be suspended because of the martial law but then will become a normality. Any person who opposes the State will quickly discover the ability of the State to create chaos with his job (if he has one), his credit, personal property, spouse and children. Nothing will be untouched. America will become a surveillance State. Every neighbor will become a potential risk when sharing anything especially the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

Those in authority will begin to imprison the citizens of America. There will be mass martyrdom. It will appear to many if not most that we have entered into the seven year Tribulation period but this is not the Tribulation but rather as a woman in labor. With each contraction followed by a more intensive set of circumstances and being greater in longevity with more profound consequences. 

However there was more to the answer I gave to my friend. No, it would not get better in the ways that were important to the natural man yet what the Church is about to experience will be so far beyond the normal mind to comprehend, that will lead to a time of massive open repentance. People of all faiths or none at all will see with their eyes and experience the manifest things of God and come to know Him as Saviour and Lord. 

Doubt will be removed and double mindedness will flee as the Spirit of the Lord searches, sweeps and cleans away all the false beliefs of the multitudes.

The final thought I expressed to my friend who had asked the question.
“But the Glory of the Lord will far far over-shadow the darkness”.
The loss and chaotic times will pale in comparison with the coming Glory!

The “True Church” will become nearly impervious to the difficult times which await us. When one walks in His presence, there is nothing that will detour you, “No weapon formed against you will prosper, all those who rise up against you will fall.”

When absolute darkness falls, it is then that even the smallest of lights that sits in the window will gather the multitudes whose earnest desire is to hear truth. One small light will attract scores because of the desperation for hope and we know that Heaven is filled with violence for men of desperation will take it by force.

“When His Glory Falls”

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord lift up a standard against him. When evil has become prevalent, the Spirit of Liberty makes Himself known. We are about to see the Holy Spirit fall with such power and might that the atheists, the agnostics, those who practice divine arts and even those with the most hardened hearts will leave those things behind and join their lives to the purposes of the Lord. It will come suddenly, suddenly and just as if one takes off a dirty overcoat that had been placed upon them.

This removal will come, and all who have felt they were too far into sin will come to realize His Goodness! Where much is forgiven, there is much love. They will say in their hearts, I know I do not deserve any good thing for I am a man of unclean lips. Yet, the sweetness, the righteous Lord will reach down and cause His love to fall on all, especially those in need of a physician. The Hebrew word for multiple acts of loving kindness is T”sa’da’kah, this is the Spirit of the Lord falling upon all mankind. Yet only those whose heart if humble enough to receive this great gift, their gain will be the Kingdom.

There are many who call themselves Christians, yet they deny the power thereof. They by default call themselves Christian however their hearts are far from Him. They are philosophical in their approach to Christ. They answer, “I believe in God”. As the Word states, The demons also believe in God and they fear and tremble.

Then there are those who genuinely love the Lord but have found gossip or an attitude of judgement coming against them and have left the church entirely. So many within the Church who have been offended or perceived an offense directed at them. The eyes of the Lord watches over His little ones and sees the emotional wounds of His people.

All of these groups of people above along with those who love and have devoted their lives to the Kingdom of God, all are about to witness a drastic reformation, a renovation, greater still a renaissance.

The Church as we have known it is about to take her last breath. For far too long, we as a body have been on life support, we have become hard hearted, self-centered, gossipy, showing little mercy or compassion, we have honored ourselves above others. Christ is in each of us, how do we say we love the Lord and speak against one another?

When observing the evening news or listening to others, it seems there is such incredible loss for so many  have suffered. There are so many with nearly intolerable health issues and for others the endless heartache of dealing with family problems and finances and personal issues. When I see so many needs, my primary thought is, “Lord, you are setting yourself up for Glory!”
The Spirit then begins to reveal those things that will be touched in a sudden, miraculous and mighty way. The Bible says, ear has not heard nor the mind conceived those things God has prepared for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

Yet….by HIs Spirit, He has and will reveal them to us. This will also be the case for what is coming. Only by the Spirit will we have the ability to perceive and have an understanding of His motives and His awesome ways. There will so many supernatural events that you and I will witness that when we stand among the righteous in Heaven, we will say. “Do you remember the great and awesome days of the Lord?”.

These coming days will far beyond the things of Acts. The very shadow of the righteous will heal the sick and raise the dead. One can of food will feed neighborhoods. Persecution will be prevalent and martyrdom will be common place however there will also be angels released to defend and direct the Saints.

There are many attributes that constitute a man. We know that man is comprised of body, soul and spirit. In order for man to be in a state of unity, all these intricate parts must flow and be in harmony. If the body is sick, then the soul (intellect, expressed will and emotions) and eventually the spirit of that man will also suffer.

Likewise, if any part of the soul be it the intellect, the will or emotions are out of balance or in turmoil, the the body and spirit will be in duress. And finally if the spirit is not being fed the proper diet, all else will struggle. As the Word states, when even the smallest member of the body is sick, the entire body suffers.

“Unity is the most critically important concept that was ever created.”

During the writing of my book, “We Need More of Him”, the Spirit brought to mind the Bible story regarding the building of the Tower of Babel. While the reader usually focuses on the changing from one language to many diverse tongues, we tend to miss a most profound statement by God.

And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Genesis 11:6  KJV

The Lord was speaking and saying, “they speak one language” in other words, they are in Unity! They have one language, one design, one goal and they are working diligently and collectively together to attain that goal.

When people are in Unity, they can achieve any and all things and conversely, when man is NOT in Unity, he cannot even begin to accomplish the smallest of things. A house divided against itself….

And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: Matthew 12:25 KJV

While this passage is addressing, kingdoms, cities and houses, the concept remains the same for the individual person as well as the True Church of Jesus Christ.

And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are. John 17:11 KJV

Jesus felt it vitally important above all else to be one with the Father, the Father was in Him and He in the Father. This passage above would indicate that unity is an absolute. Only then, as we are one with Jesus, are we able to do the exploits that Jesus did and greater things will we accomplish. We will be about (like Jesus) those things we see our Father doing.

We believers equate a healing as one who is healed of a physical ailment. When the Glory begins to fall, we will see the awesome power of the Holy Spirit and His (much of the time) Sovereign work. Whenever man becomes involved, it is quickly obvious that flesh and Spirit do not mix well and that is why this will be a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, flesh only weakens but not the Spirit.

When the Israelites were delivered out of their captivity from Egypt, there was not one sick among them. Without a doubt, there were those who were sick and also the elderly among the Israelites the day before their deliverance came but on the day they walked out of bondage, each man, woman and child was healed! There was no infirmity found among them.

The Passover was the darkness before the light and the beginning of their deliverance. While I am throughly, absolutely, solidly sure of what I am sharing with regard to this Sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, the timing is always the most difficult issue to address. However I believe this is the specific year (and I have reasoning for this) and this Passover you and I will begin to see the greatest move of God any of us have ever witnessed or experienced. What we are about to see will supersede those great and awesome things that are found in the Book of Acts, Yet this move will be world-wide in scope.

This event will be viewed by the Church as the greatest ever move of God.
We are about to enter through a “New Door”, and after we enter,
neither the individual nor the Church will ever be the same!

It will neither diminish in its outreach or relinquish its prevailing power nor will it show any sign of slowing down. This move will be a continuing, progressive, building tsunami that will reach into darkness and gather many. It will culminate with countless souls entering the Kingdom. The youngest of believers will be saved one moment and reaching their piers the next. There will be such a building crescendo as the Holy Spirit will be conductor.
“Not by My might nor by My power but by My Spirit saith the Lord.”

Arms, legs fingers and toes will appear, the blind eyes will be opened! Restoration to complete wholeness is coming!      
Not only do I think of the many babies who were deformed at birth but accident victims, diabetes having claimed limbs but also returning Vets who will miraculously receive that which was stolen from them. Those with long-term illness and diseases, many who have been told they are terminally ill. To those who have heard the words,  “there is no hope for you”, I say to you, there is hope and that hope is coming and is about to come forward in power and might. And to those with chronic pain and discomfort, every infirmity will be addressed.

There is no issue too small, too insignificant to be addressed by this healing delivering work of the Holy Spirit. To many glasses are an infirmity, while it may sound ridiculous to some, but to the one who has lost their hair or teeth, it is not a small thing. Even the smallest of issues will be resolved. To those who are emotionally wounded, this will be addressed. There is nothing that will escape the eyes of the Lord.

Yet there is much more! Those with emotional damage will not be forgotten. Those little girls and boys who had been molested who are now damaged adults will be restored in fullness, their emotional pain will be wiped away. Those years of shame will be turned to joy. Scores of those involved in the making of pornography will come out of that place and find forgiveness, peace and restoration and in turn will help others who carry this stigma of shame.

Those who have had parents who were not the most nurturing or those who had no parents will find acceptance, affirmation and confirmation from the Lord Jesus. What many of us do not understand is that our parents could not give to us their children what they were not given and subsequently did not posses. Yet as we seek to forgive others who have grieved us, we will begin to know and walk in the freedom from the past. 

Those who have encountered emotional conflicting personality disorders will be delivered and brought into a place of restoration and peace. From a Christian viewpoint, so many times we speak of depression as just a demonic oppressive influence however the enemy can cause an issue with the release of necessary and naturally produced chemicals which are vital to the body and brain for normal wellbeing. These issues will be resolved and countless people will discover truly how big God is and how much He loves mankind.

Wholeness is coming to the Kingdom!
The only requirement will be a willingness to receive.

So many of the Saints (if they are truly honest) will admit to failure in many areas of their spiritual lives. They have felt the shame for poor decisions, wrong attitudes, of being spiteful or dishonest, gossiping thereby murdering the spirit of another or having it done to them. We hold grudges against another for years not realizing this act does more damage to us than the one we have the issue. Each one of us has fallen so short of the intended fullness of life the Lord offers us.

Many have fallen into sexual promiscuity, drug,(even prescribed), alcohol and even food abuse. We have lent ourselves to anything that will give us some form (be it short-term) of comfort. We have allowed the enemy to gain the upper hand in many areas thus short-circuiting God’s plan for our lives. The enemy also schemes and lays well camouflaged traps along the way and even the most well thought out plan may well become a disaster. However all of this shame, loss, devastation and sin that has caused our fragmented emotional state will be removed, healed and made new. 

Nearly all of God’s people because of past issues succumb to fear. This one of the most devastating issues of the heart. It causes one to become weary and worn in body, soul and spirit. Fear alters the way we think and the things we say and do. Fear brings with it a state of unrest and even trauma that over time brings down the physical body, diminishes the mind and our faith corrodes away and eventually usurps the destiny for our lives. 

These demonic oppressive spirits will be cast out, the Holy Spirit will bring liberty to the captives. Believers will know the awesome, incredible mercy of a Holy God and a Saviour who loves them and will persue them. Our God is larger than our insecurities and greater than our greatest sin!

He is able and willing to save and forgive each one of us as quickly as we turn our hearts toward Him. Repentance will begin to break out like the early morning sun, just as the rain falls on the just and unjust so too will the Glory of God. No physical infirmity will hide, no emotional unrest or upheaval will be found within the believer and no double mindedness will be among those who call upon Him.

This will cause Repentance to break forth like a mighty dam but now the flood gates will be opened. Unity will prevail and permeate within the individual Saint and the Church. Every hopelessly desperate one who comes to belief in Jesus will be in full compliance with Kingdom plans for their lives and “Many were added to the Church.”

I once heard my dear sweet grandmother say,
At first, I first came out of loneliness,
Then, I stayed out of fear (reverence),

But the loneliness and reverence turned in to Love!
She was speaking of her Christian walk and how it began but more importantly how it ended. 

Unity will become a thing of beauty among the household of God. 

Like the days in the Book of Acts, the Saints will have All things in common.
Though the days will be difficult, there will not be a lack in the House of God.
Finally each Saint will come to honor others more than himself.

When individual unity is established, body, soul and spirit, the believer will be one with the Lord Jesus as He is with the Father. The living stones (the Saints) will be one with the Lord who is the chief cornerstone. And as the “True Church” unifies and comes under the Lordship of Jesus, new believers will be continually added into the household of faith and the Kingdom will bring in the last Great Harvest.

“The laborers are few, therefore pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He might send more laborers for the fields ready.” The Gospel will reach into every small place to every living breathing person, no one will be left out out, His love and acceptance will draw men from their hopeless state.  

The light of His truth will be revealed to even the very least of people.
The Love of the Lord will be the highlight and will be the choice topic of conversation. while hope is fading among those in the world, the joy of the Lord will be strength to the Saints!

Many years ago, I heard the Lord say,
“Now is the status quo, My people are struggling and suffering and learning. However when the difficult times, the dark times come, My people will rise to the top like cream”

We are about to experience great and wonderful and awesome things and the timing is now. The door of the miraculous and the supernatural is opening, all that is necessary to participate in this Work of the Holy Spirit is to corporate with Him. Do not hinder Him, do not grieve the Holy Spirit.
Join yourself to His purposes and answer Him,
“Here am I Lord”.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable