How to buy Gold & Silver and Why?


Prepare your Finances Now,
Difficult times await those who leave their money in the Bank, Credit Unions, and Stock or Bond Markets!

At some point, your money if left in banks or credit unions will be confiscated by the government just like Cyprus. Along with this your pensions, Social Security, disability and all other entitlements will be taken away. When the government continues printing money, the US dollar will become worthless over a very short time period.



While I do not wish to advise as to where to go to find a broker in purchasing silver or gold coins, there many reputable firms who (with a little research) can direct you in your purchase.

Precious metals are a great investment and everyone should have some silver preferably unless you have above $25,000 to invest and then split the amount. Perhaps 50-75% in silver and the balance in gold.

Would also buy Zion Oil and Gas shares. My personal belief is that these shares cost far less and will yield far greater returns. They are seeking to discover oil in Israel and to bless Israel and the Jewish people. Whenever we seek to bless God’s people, we too will be blessed. 


If you do purchase silver or gold, It is vitally important that you personally hold your own coins!!!!

 The American Silver Eagle Dollar is one of the most recognized coins in the world. It does not matter what year, the primary thing is that there is one troy ounce of silver in each coin. Would advise against buying coins that have a “collectors value”. 

Do not let any brokerage house or seller tell you that it will be held in a vault! There is much fraud that will be exposed when times become difficult and many brokers have sold more than they have in their vaults. Even though there are supposedly inventories taken by the Feds.

Yes, they may be able to purchase more but if the price continues to rise, then they are faced with the difficult choice, do they chose Jail-time for fraud or do they go and borrow money to purchase the higher priced metal they had promised you they kept in their vault!

It is a wiser choice to purchase Gold Coins or Silver Coins. NOT collector coins that can lose much of their value but coins that simply have intrinsic value such as the American Silver Dollar and the Swiss 20 FRANC and other forms of coins.

Again, avoid what they call rare or numismatic type coins. They are much like “art” so when times become difficult, the prices on these types of investments go down dramatically.

Note: There are thousands of buyers/sellers of metals in the US and metals are exchanged on the international markets.

Intrinsic value: simply means that the coin has slightly more worth than the content of the silver or gold that is in the coin.

The Bible clearly states, the only real money is Gold and Silver! Every other investment is a debt that depends on the other person paying that debt that would enable you to collect from your investment.

Up until 1972, the United States was on the GOLD STANDARD. Stated simply, because of the upward rise of the value of gold, we could not continue (to promise) to pay our debts both domestic and foreign with gold. Thus we came off the gold standard.

We use what is called a Fiat money system. Remember, paper money is only paper! It is only as good as it’s citizens have faith in it and when they lose that confidence, the “Greenback” has absolutely nothing to back it up!

The United States of America has found herself in a quandary. How do you rescue major manufacturing, housing, transportation, credit and other entities? First you remove or quiet all voices who speak fiscal truth. Then you bring in an administration that is will to trash the dollar, “to print”, or rather to explode the money supply and throw more devalued money at the problems, most of which will not create anything but larger government. This is what Socialism does, it enlarges itself so that the majority of the masses receives something for “Free” and they vote to keep said Government in power.

My friends, The collapse of the US dollar is imminent! When the nations come off the dollar standard, everything that is manufactured or grown outside of America will become extremely expensive. Additionally the dollar will have been so over printed that it will be worthless.

If you have any money in the Stock Market be they stocks or bonds, GET OUT! With the exception of Zion Oil and Gas which is a Oil Exploration company.

Do not listen to brokers who say, “it will come back”. The market will not come back. There will be slight gains, an up and down but the trend is down. In a single day you will see the market lose 50% of its worth and that will continue until the markets world wide will be in sheer panic. The US Congress has given it’s full authority to the Federal Reserve (which is not Federal and has no reserves but is actually owned by a cartel of other banks, and therefore a Central Bank. Structured just as the Central Banks that has nearly destroyed Europe.

The only way the Fed can guarantee your money in the bank is by simply printing more devalued money.

The Federal government does not produce goods or services, only business produces these. The only way the US Government can raise money is 1 of 3 ways. 1. They can tax the citizens 2. They can borrow it through the selling of US treasury bonds to foreign governments. 3. They can print it (this is where America is destroying her financial foundation, caused by bailing out Wall Street and anyone who is considered “to big to fail.”

Inflation is not a naturally occurring phenomenon! This 3rd way is what causes inflation, the more money they print, the less it is worth! From the inception of our country to 1913 there was virtually no inflation. In 1913 the Federal Reserve and the IRS were both created.

Since 1913, the US dollar’s worth has been reduced to approximately .03 cents in value. And in the last 10 years, the value of our currency has dropped by 20%.

With this being said, America is experiencing a “Deflationary period temporarily” but this will not last long! With all the massive bailouts, the US Government is handing out and running the printing presses fulltime,

INFLATION WILL HIT AMERICA IN A WAY THAT WILL MAKE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES LOOK FRUGAL! One day, we will go out to buy our groceries and a loaf of bread will be $3, the next week it may be $3.50 and so on. The day will come when much money will buy you very little!

The way is being paved for the failure of the US Dollar and the CREATION of a NEW “One World Currency!”

Additionally, Gold mine supply peaked in 2001 Despite a seven-year bull market in gold, mine production has fallen to a 10-year low. As the “Credit Crunch” increases pressure on gold supply, people are seeking a safe haven and the money supply is exploding!

I am not a financial advisor however with the cost of everything coming down in the short term, but it will not last long. As the Federal Reserve (central bank) continues to attempt to print our way out of massive debt and overleveraging it is my belief is that gold and silver will be the safety net that many will seek.

Purchase gold and silver coins, purchase Zion Oil and Gas shares. For the foreseeable future, these commodities will be a safe haven for your future livelihood.

The Lord spoke to me a word I called, “Pennies on the Dollar”. This word can be found on the Word Page.

A Nation without borders, a nation without it’s own currency, a nation without it’s own laws (not international laws) is no longer a nation but a follower of a lesser vision!

We have become a DEBTOR Nation to nearly every country, they have purchased our treasury bills, real state and business and we will not have the ability to repay those debts. Ultimately, we are not to put our trust in gold or silver but in the Lord! However The Lord is attempting to give us wisdom and in so doing preserve our households in the midst of coming calamity. The Lord always used what the people had, and if we chose not to prepare, why should He help us?

God gave Joseph both the dream and the interpretation of the coming famine and Joseph was responsible for preparing for that drought and famine.

Today many prophets of the Lord are saying very similar things, to prepare! Are you listening?