Fourth Week’s Summary of being the Land of Israel


Greetings Dear Saints,

As so many times while man makes his plans, the Spirit of the Lord directs his footsteps. Such was the case this week as we had intended to make our way south and visit our sweet friends, Ronen and Melanie just south of Beer Sheva. After praying, John, Marie and I believed the Lord was redirecting us to stay closer to our home base.

Wish to briefly describe to you the beautiful home in which we have been blessed to find rest from our daily travels. The home sits within the Judean hills; the community is approximately 25 km outside of Jerusalem and 50 km from Tel Aviv. It is a wonderfully quiet place with a vista that rivals that of any place in the Land. The view extends for many miles in 180 degrees of a panorama. When looking down and to the far left; lays the thriving Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv with the Mediterranean Sea as the backdrop. Unfortunately, because of the height of Jerusalem and its’ angle; it is not possible to view.

While there are many beautiful cities throughout the Land of Israel, some revealing the deep Jewish roots while others depict a more modern approach, there is no greater contrast than that of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. While each of these two cities stakes a claim on the Israeli lifestyle and yet are so completely different from one another. One might even say they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum and yet they remain preordained of God in comprising the great blessing that Israel has been to the world.

And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; Genesis 26:4

Driving here in Israel is nothing like you have ever experienced. Instead of intersections, there are many of what is referred to as “roundabouts”. These roundabouts or circles in which you drive into and go in a counter clockwise direction until you decide as to which direction you would like to take. They are excellent for those of us who have difficulty in making up our mind where we are going.

On a few occasions, Marie began to sing the song, “On the Hills “round about” Jerusalem”. Suddenly the spirit of revelation came upon me, and I now have an understanding of how the song was actually explaining why the Jewish journey took so long.

Since the Jews were wandering for forty years, it seems rather obvious they must have inadvertently wandered into and found themselves in a Roundabout, not able to make a firm commitment, thereby continuing their journey for forty years; thus the hazards of indecision.

Reminds me of the story of the man who was known as the great procrastinator, who once was asked the question;
do you always have issues with making up your mind.
To which he responded:
well, yes and no!

Sunday, we were led from one divine appointment to the next. Some of you will know the names of Barry and Batya Segal, they are accomplished musicians, teachers who minister around the world and they also operate Vision for Israel (a humanitarian aid center) known as The Joseph Storehouse. They have several of these warehouses around the world and two locally.

John and Marie knew them prior to their engagement and marriage many years ago. So when John called them locally hoping to see them, they picked up their cell call and were currently in Spain. They asked us to visit the Joseph Storehouse which is located very close to us and there seemed to be an urgency in their voice. We agreed to do just that the following day and we also wanted to pay a visit to a Finland settlement in that same area which operated little rental cottages and a restaurant of some renown.

This is how the Spirit of the Lord directs us. We first went to the Joseph Storehouse and met two young ladies, Tonya (a volunteer from NC) and Enid (from Holland) at the one warehouses. They explained what they had been doing while volunteering at the warehouses. Tonya then went with us up the hill to the second warehouse where we met Michael and Ursula Charles (from South Africa) who also volunteer their time, energy and talents to the ministry of the Lord.

After spending time fellowshipping and walking through the Joseph Storehouse, I asked Michael about the Finnish cottages and restaurant. Michael was kind enough to have us follow him in his car to that area. He deposited us in a parking lot and we said our good byes. Just as Michael pulled off in his car, I noticed a young man coming out of a building a hundred yards away and felt led to speak with him.

As we approached him, instinctively knew he was special; his name was Idon. He spoke very good English and was a believer and we felt an instant witness to his sweet spirit. Idon begins to tell us this is the only Messianic Community in Israel and asks if we would like to come inside and visit their offices and even a bakery in which the aroma was heavenly.

Once inside, we met Ariel, Ilana and Asher. We sat and as we all shared, they gave us their heart with regard to their ministry which is quite remarkable. They are bringing the truth to the Jewish people with regard to Messiah. Asher is on the board of the MJAA with whom some of you are familiar. The MJAA stands for Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. The MJAA is a combination of Messianic Jews and Messianic Gentiles who are simply Christians who love Israel and the Jewish people.

So the Spirit had us call Barry and Batya, visiting the Joseph Storehouses, being driven to an area where we had hoped to visit the Finnish area only to be diverted to the only Messianic Community with ties to MJAA. Only the Spirit of the Lord can indeed take us from one meeting to the next without skipping a beat all with relative ease.

Midweek, we were leaving our nest of comfort for Jerusalem to spend time with Joan and Esther who live in the Gilo area. There is a bus stop just prior to taking the highway 1 on ramp and a young pregnant Jewish girl was hitchhiking. While this would be a very dangerous practice in the US, it seems to be more readily accepted here in Israel. Her name was Yordan (Jordan) and she was such a personable little lady we were all instantly in conversation, sharing and laughing. Although her parents lived down south in Beer Sheva, she and her husband lived in Sho’eva which is very close to where we were staying. Yordan worked for the Bloomfield Science Museum as a coordinator for the science projects to be incorporated in to the Museum. We shared with her our love for the Jewish people.

Yordan was 29 years old and this was her first baby and she was due in two weeks. Upon hearing this, Marie and I nearly instantaneously and in harmony stated the obvious. We had absolutely no experience at birthing any babies and this was not the time to start. We all had a great laugh and enjoyed our thirty minute drive into Jerusalem. Though we only had a short time together, every communication, every laugh and every shared moment tends to change each of us and causes a greater understanding of one another. The brief time spent with Yordan lifted our spirits in knowing the Lord had allowed us to once again bless one His daughters just as we had also been blessed.

John, Marie and I spent a day with Esther and Joan who have known John and Marie for twenty-five plus years and view John and Marie as parents. They had prepared an incredible feast for us and after discussing Zion Oil, they both agreed to invest in Zion Oil each giving me a check to buy shares for them.

Since we have been here in the Land, I have felt an added burden and John and Marie have seen and felt it as well. You see there are a number of believing Christians and believing Jews who have given up all security, position and comfort in order to bless Israel. They have come from all walks of life, many who were affluent with a secured future in other countries yet they heard the Spirit of the Lord call out to them to come and comfort His people, the Jews. They have responded in great numbers, all in the name of His love.

These are the ones who have been placed upon my heart that the Lord will not be a debtor to any man. I believe from the depths of my heart that the Lord will bring about an avenue in which to bless those who have consistently spent their lives with a singular focus upon helping the Jewish people come home and to be a blessing in every way to the people of God. They have brought their talents, money and a great desire to intercede, to speak love and encouragement and to facilitate the falling away of the scales.

We are to simply to give Him no rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

Today is Friday and we had gone to the Garden Tomb of the Lord. We spent a delightful time there and as always extended every courtesy. The staff was primarily from England and were husband and wife teams. Frank (our guide) took us beyond the inside gate where John and I were allowed to actually touch the very walls. We each took time to pray as did Frank… the awesome presence of the Lord, who is like Him?

When leaving the Garden Tomb, we found ourselves quite literally immersed among hundreds of Muslim worshipers who were walking in our same direction. You see, the small street leading up to the Garden Tomb led down to the Damascus Gate. The timing was perfect, it was one o’clock and the Muslims were headed for the Dome of the Rock for their Friday prayers.

The love for the Jewish People and the Land of Israel is as many of you know a supernatural gift from the Lord. There is no one who simply states in their heart, I will love Israel, it is a result of an impartation of the Spirit, and there is no other explanation.

This week President Obama expressed his opinion with regard to Israel; his feeling is that in some way, the Jewish people are the roadblock to peace in the Middle East. Making this statement is akin to saying that California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are the road block to the immigration problem.

We have been in shops, restaurants, roadside fruit stands and holy sites and many out of the way places and the opportunity has repeatedly been presented to us in reassuring as many of the people that this view is that of a minority. During our stay, we have done all to show respect, love and compassion to everyone, both Jewish and Arab.

The Scripture, Love covers a multitude of sin comes to mind and while faith and hope will have become a reality in Heaven (the New Jerusalem) but Love will remain forever.

Please keep praying for us that the dream of the Arab Believer will have had his heart and mind prepared to receive the passing of the Vision that will bless him and his people. Our days are short, yet we are not dismayed, we are not in doubt, we are set upon completing the assignment of the Lord.

For those of you who are just joining us, the dream that was given can be read at:,%20the%20Arab%20&%20the%20Vision.htm

I wish to encourage all of you in the Lord, when relying upon the Spirit for every need,
He has been more than sufficient.

John, Marie and me

Blessings to you and your house,
Steve Grable