Second Week’s Summary of being in the Land of Israel

Ben Yehuda is one of the most interesting streets in the older part of the city of Jerusalem. Four blocks in length beginning at the top of the hill and descending with offshoots of little side streets. The entire area has been closed off to traffic and only accommodates pedestrians.

The Street is lined with specialty shops, sidewalk cafés every fifty feet, wonderful falafels served up with Coca Cola in real glass bottles and a myriad of talented musicians serenade the passersbys. While people from most every nation frequent Jerusalem, Ben Yehuda Street is unmistakably of Jewish flavor.

Only a few of you are aware of this but John and Marie have been handing out little metal hearts that have a ring and can easily attach onto a key ring or a backpack etc. I have actually met complete strangers who just happened to take their keys out of their pocket and I would see one of John’s hearts. The inscription on the hearts has one of two messages. While in the Land of Israel, the message is, “Someone loves you” and on the flip side, “He is the God of Israel” and then has John and Marie’s name.

While on Ben Yehuda a few days ago, there were six IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers. They were young men approximately 18-22 and were standing and conversing with one another. John asked me to take the hearts over to them which I somewhat begrudgingly obliged. Little did I know the blessing I was about to encounter. One of the young soldiers when he read the message on the front side asked me the question, “You love me?”

As most of us know, so very few of the Jewish people have ever heard, regardless of religion or nationality, someone openly saying to them, we love you. When this young soldier looked me in the eyes and asked me that question, “you love me?” I replied, “Yes, I do love you and we love you and we pray for your safety and the prosperity of Israel. However the message on the little heart said it all…
“The God of Israel loves you”.

When he heard this it shocked him and he turned to his colleges and spoke Hebrew. He must have given a favorable report to them, suddenly all of the soldiers then wanted one of the hearts and were smiling and very friendly toward us and they were eager to pose for my camera. Such beauty is found among the Jewish people. They have been persecuted for centuries yet when they hear someone say to them, they are loved, their tender hearts are revealed despite the deep wounds of their ancestry and they melt before you. What is truly heartbreaking is a people who earnestly desire to bless others with every possible venue and simply live in peace are rejected by many who call themselves Christians. There will be a great price for those who continue to act in this fashion. We cannot be anti-Semitic towards the people of God and expect God to reward us for our behavior.

Unfortunately we Christians throughout the ages have blamed the Jews for every chaotic event. Yet, little by little, the love of the Jesus in us is beginning to break down the wall that separate us. Only the Spirit of the Lord can truly bring forth revelation to the Believing Church and cause us to come into unity. The “One New Man” will come forth and Ephesians 2:15 will come in to fruition. As the times continue in this downward spiral, much persecution will come however the labels of Jewish Believers and Christian Believers will fall, for all will be of One Household, One Messiah and One Kingdom.

America (for now) is so blessed. Though we have experienced a horrific terrorist act on 911 and our lives have changed considerably, yet there is no comparison as to what Israel endures on a daily basis. When living in a Democracy amongst a sea of nations who wish to destroy you and your country, life is very different.

Can you imagine, you are going to the mall, the hardware store, your favorite restaurant, or the grocery store and armed soldiers (for your protection) are guarding each entry and looking for terrorists? When you drive your car in to mall parking lot, you must open the trunk of your car, occasionally going through metal detectors all in the name of safety.

The emotional and financial drain on tiny Israel is so overwhelming in my eyes. The human mind cannot comprehend how a nation the size of New Jersey is able to survive and thrive when surrounded by a billion and a half Muslims. Surely the Lord watches over His Jewish sons and daughters and the inheritance He gave to them, the Land of Israel.

Psalm 94:14 states, For the LORD will not cast off his people; neither will he forsake his inheritance.

Thursday, we visited the west area of Jerusalem which houses the government buildings. The Israeli Supreme Court, Bank of Israel, Hebrew University, Wholl Rose Garden (a beautiful park) and the Knesset all reside within this area.

While most who take the time to visit the Knesset will not be disappointed, it does require being processed through security, however it is worthwhile, as John said, we felt honored to be there. We prayed for great discernment and wisdom to come forth from the Knesset members as they are constantly dealing with the demands of the nations.

Normal tours of the Knesset are usually in groups of approximately 50 however again the wonderful favor of the Lord. After having a coffee and pastry at the small restaurant inside the Knesset, we spoke with a very nice young lady who was the food and beverage manager. She then introduced us to another tour guide which led us to another part of the building only to be introduced to the third young lady and finally to sweet little Eliyanna. Eliyanna translates, “God has answered me”. To which I responded to her, “yes He has”, meaning when He brought her home to Israel.

Also, the Knesset translates, “to gather together”, the idea being to come together for discussion and decision making . Our tour guide Eliyanna shared that she had made Aliyah from France and the French governing body is a French word which also interprets, gathering together.

The seating arrangement of the parties in the Plenum (the actual Chamber where the Knesset members meet) is on the lower or 3rd level down (the actual seating arrangement in the Plenum for the Knesset is in the shape of a Menorah.

Government occupies the middle branch of the Menorah, the coalition to the right forming the three branches, the left three branches are the opposition party and the base of the Menorah is reserved for the Shas and the Arab Knesset members.

Yesterday, Friday afternoon we met with a Messianic lady by the name of Kathleen. Some of you know Kathleen who is a prophetic intercessor, published author, and tour guide here in the Land. We had a delightful lunch as Kathleen was sharing some of the latest news we had not heard in regard to a possible 3rd intifada.

Another divine appointment occurred at the restaurant as we were about to leave. We heard this voice of our past and looked up and our eyes found a sweet friend (used to be Janie Prince) but Janie has been married for 17 years to an Arab believer Michael. At one time Janie has stayed with us. She had for so long sought the Lord and at one point was found crying and distraught by John and Marie many years ago in Jerusalem. Janie had been seeking the Lord and knew she was to be in Israel and at that moment the enemy had come upon her with doubt. Yet, she and Michael travel and minister all over the world.

We know the promises of God are yes and amen. You can be assured that when God brings a word to you be it a dream, a prophetic word or a direction for you, we know that He is not a man who has any possibility of failing. He is a God who is above and beyond the impossible and will surely bring those promises to pass. The Lord has brought dreams to me for 28 years and each time there has been a lesson, a revelation or a dream that has prophetic significance for a future event. Though these dreams have come over nearly three decades; each are as fresh and alive today as if they were given yesterday.

Therefore, the fulfillment of the dream we are eagerly awaiting to see with our earthly eyes has already been fulfilled in the spirit, when the Spirit of God has brought forth such a word, we are resolved to simply carry out the physical manifestation.

If all goes as planned, Monday, we will be departing for the north along the coast for three days. We plan to make brief visits along Netanya, Haifa, and will be paying a visit with Jody and Alyosha.

Then perhaps on to Mt Carmel, and it appears we will have a personal tour of Zion Oil in Caesarea on Tuesday the 17th. We desire to pray for Zion Oil and to see them become successful in their endeavor that we may bless all of Israel. Then hopefully up and to the Golan, later stopping and taking a sail on the Sea of Galilee on our way back to our beautiful resting place in Shoresh.

As for now, we are praying for guidance with regards to the Arabs, we believe as many others do, it will be a non-event. Today is extremely cool 42 at 8 AM and it has been raining yesterday and the Arabs do not like rain. While the Arabs may have their day of Nakba (catastrophe) that Israel became a Nation, we who belong to the Lord celebrate with Israel and the God of all Creation has kept Israel close and made every provision.

Do wish to apologize, have not been able to send to you the wonderful photographs because of the RR portal speed. Thus far we have taken over 200. These photos will be available on the “Assignment in Israel” page which will be available when we return.

John, Marie and I want to thank you for praying with us in this walking out the night vision. We so many times want to help the Holy Spirit accomplish a task and yet I am so comforted to know He finds such delight in each of us and extends His grace in a variety of ways. What a wonderful loving God we serve.

May the Shalom that passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds affixed upon the goodness of the Lord Jesus.

Blessings to you and your house,
Steve Grable