First Week’s Summary of being in the Land of Israel
May 7, 2011


Greetings Dear Saints,

John, Marie and I left Orlando airport on April 30th at 6:25 pm and had the smoothest possible flight. Our layover was brief and by 10:50 we were taxiing down the tarmac that would lead us to Israel.

While we know certainly blindness is not a blessing, we were shown every conceivable courtesy because of John’s (temporary) blindness. The flight was long and arduous however again it was a smooth flight with only the occasional bump.

The flight was just over 10 hours and at one stage, about two – three hours prior to landing, looked out the starboard window and observed a land mass that must have been North Africa. Fifteen minutes prior to landing, the Land of Israel appeared on the horizon as we followed the Mediterranean Sea right into Tel Aviv.

After landing, we had six pieces of luggage plus Marie leads John. One of the young Jewish ladies assisted us in finding our luggage, expedited our passports, helped in exchanging money and even found us a taxi. She was so helpful and her charming personality and kind smile truly blessed us.

Though John and Marie have been in Israel 9 & 8 times respectively, they like me are awed to be here. There is a presence of God that cannot be duplicated anywhere else on earth. The Bible refers to Jerusalem as the Habitation of God, it is His footstool.

Throughout the Bible, there is no place that is mentioned more often than Israel and Jerusalem. I would encourage every person who has ever desired to make that one trip in their life to come to Israel; you will never be the same.

Both John and I confessed to each other and to Marie, we have felt the presence of God in such a powerful way. John wept before the Lord in their bedroom on one occasion and I was coming out of the shower and simply broke before Him. Then a wave of understanding moved over me and I had a greater comprehension of the goodness of our God towards each of us. There is nothing to be compared to His presence.

All of this only displays how wonderful God provides for us. Every line we came to, someone helped or sped up the process for us avoiding sometimes long lines and simply making every experience less complicated and more enjoyable.

We stayed with a sweet couple in the German Colony within Jerusalem by the name of Terry and Dianne Hill and their daughter Kimmie. Terry and his daughter teach basketball to both the Israelis and Palestinians. They actually travel into Ramallah (which is not the safest area) and mentor these young men. The Hills have founded an athletic company and is helping promote a ground of commonality among these men.

After a few days we then were blessed beyond measure by being allowed to live in a sweet friend’s beautiful home in Shoresh which is about 25 KM from Jerusalem. There is a highway 1 which begins in Tel Aviv and flows northeast to Jerusalem.

Every time we have prayed about a need, a want, or asked the Lord for help in giving us directions, our prayers have been answered and we have continuously been shown the obvious favor of the Lord.

It was not our initial intention to rent a car however we have been blessed when picking up our little Kia Rio. I have learned how to drive hanging 2 feet off of the bumper in front of me and how to be nicely aggressive when entering another lane. While kindness and courtesy prevails most of the time, in traffic, it is every man for himself. LOL

When shopping at the grocery store, deciphering the products is more times than not a step in faith. I was looking for sliced cheese and like so many other seemingly insignificant situations, we find ourselves being led into a wonderful story of interaction with others.

We have visited malls, shops and out of the way restaurants and the friendliness of everyone we have encountered have been extremely helpful and shown every kindness towards us. While sitting in the Hadar Mall, a Jewish artist, Haim Israel (unbeknownst to me) was doing a character portrait of me. There are truly a disproportionate number of talented people here in the Land of Israel.

Friday evening begins Shabbat. (our Sunday) we worshipped with a Messianic Fellowship in Jerusalem named La Hav’at Yeshua which translates the love of Yeshua (Jesus). Then on Saturday we traveled about 50KM to Tel Aviv to Teferet Yeshua (Maoz) which translates to the Glory of Yeshua (Jesus).

We could feel the wonderful anointing at both fellowships. It is an awesome blessing when you are a believer; regardless of where you are, the language spoken, the color of your skin, the nation you call home, you are among those who love Jesus and His Spirit resides within us. There is a commonality and a sweetness among His believers that supersedes all other forms of hospitality.

We are using a GPS however not all streets are on the device and when we left for the fellowship this morning, we had no directions. Yet we prayed and kept driving believing and suddenly received a cell call from Herzl (a friend) and we were only a few minutes from our destination. Even Marie expressed her faith was a little weak (don’t believe that) believing we could travel in to Tel Aviv and find a Messianic Fellowship where we had no nothing other than the street.

After the meeting, we decided to turn off the GPS and just drive around Tel Aviv and visit the Mediterranean shore, look at the beautiful scenery and enjoy the day.

Whenever you are in unfamiliar places just looking for a place to have lunch can be an interesting dilemma. It came to me that the Word states, we have not because we ask not. So we prayed the Spirit would lead us to a nice place for a late lunch. We were not disappointed, while driving down the street we observed a parking lot that was full of cars, this was our sign there was good food awaiting us, it was delicious.

The one point I would like to make to all of you in the 8 countries who receive this newsletter is that the Spirit of the Lord is always available to help us. We will never learn how to see and experience the miraculous unless we become solely reliant upon the Spirit of the Lord. Only when you have no hope of achieving a thing, that the thing desired for is beyond our own natural ability. It is then when the Holy Spirit comes and provides, gives direction and participates with us in making the impossible possible.

We have not because we ask not.

We have without doubt found great favor with God on this trip. While we are enjoying our time and seeing some old friends and making new ones, our main focus is the assignment that was given to us. We appreciate your prayers to accomplish the dream that was given to me on August 24, 2010.

This dream titled, “The Whiteboard, The Arab and the Passing of the Vision” is not a meaningless dream. This Arab believer will have or already has great influence among his people. The Lord has singled out this man to be a blessing and to help others.

This dream can be found at the following link:

For now, thank you for praying with us, and

Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable