“Four things”

Summer of 2012

I have heard from the Lord
 regarding Zion Oil & Gas



Greetings Dear Saints,

I write to encourage you lovers of Israel regarding your Zion Oil & Gas shares. Regardless of what the shares do in the interim, we are looking forward to a discovery of oil in Israel that will rock the world. God is about to remove the bridle in which the world has attempted to place upon Israel.


While we know we have a firm foundation upon the Word of God and of itself, it is complete. Yet still many times a word from the Spirit has a meaningful and wonderful way of confirming a futuristic event.


Zion Oil & Gas prices have come down to their lows for the year. According to Zion Oil updates, they will not be drilling until the first quarter of 2013 at the earliest.  


I wish to share the last thing first; I believe the Lord brought to me just this last year a remembrance. Many times the things of God will come to a place of what appears to be a deathbed at least to the natural eyes.

In the spiritual realm, death always seems to preceed resurrection.
The discovery of oil in Israel has a multitude of implications to end-time events as well as to Israel’s future. This discovery must and will take place for it is written in the Word.


Initially, many ran to Zion Oil and Gas and bought shares. Many of those same people had little or no regard for Israel or the Jewish people. I believe the Lord will allow things to continue to look as if death is inevitable. However the Lord may well flush out those whose only desire was to prosper from Israel. At the same time bring those who truly love His people and Israel into Zion Oil and truly prosper them.
“He will bless those who bless (love) Israel”


Although I began my investigation of Zion Oil and their mission in 2005; the actual involvement took a few more years. I had asked a small group of mature believers to pray with me, if we were to invest in Zion Oil. Short story, we did seek the Lord with no immediate answer.


Four years ago I was in prayer. And for the first time I heard the Lord say the following: “Now is the time to Favor Zion”. Note I was not reading the actual Scripture. Yet, I knew exactly what He was saying, it was now time to become involved and show favor to Zion Oil.


I was attending a fairly large prayer meeting at that time and when I presented this to them received confirmations of the Spirit. Since then I have spoken with prayer groups, fellowships and a few churches and led many to buy Zion Oil & Gas shares. My heart is to see those who truly love Israel prosper through this endeavor that they might become a blessing to the kingdom of God.


After helping many become shareholders in Zion, I was praying and said to the Lord, “Lord even if we knew we (investors from the prayer meeting) would not benefit from this $1,000; we would still give it in order to Bless Your people Israel.


The Lord responded,
“When I gave the 5 talents and the two talents and the one talent, I expected a return on my investment and so should you”.


Later I also heard the Lord say,
“even 100 shares will make a millionaire”.


Then a few years ago, I heard the Lord say,
“I have saved my best wine for last”


Believed the Lord was saying, while the entire world has used up the oil from every nation and as oil has become increasingly more expensive, then He we would bring forth His “best” for Israel.
As a result the wealth of the Nations will bring forth their riches into the Land of Israel.


In this same conversation, I then I heard him say,
This “find” (of oil in Israel) will rival that of Saudi Arabia.”

Surely He has saved His best wine for last.


Blessings to you and your house,

Steve Grable