A Word given me by an evangelist


We attended a home fellowship where an evangelist would be sharing. I was over on the side speaking to a very close brother in the Lord who had become a spiritual father to me over the years. He and his wife Marie had been in Israel for several months and he and I were trying to catch up with all that had transpired during their trip.

The meeting was about to begin so we joined the group who were standing in a circle and were about to pray. We had only begun to pray and the evangelist stopped praying and began to prophesy to me.

“There are callings and there are high callings and you have a high calling.
There are prophets of today and prophets of old, and you are a prophet of old,

You have the mantle of Jeremiah.”

Just a short time prior to receiving this word, I had heard the Lord instruct me to ask for the mantle of Jeremiah. Two previous times before this had occurred, the Holy Spirit came to me and I was instructed to go and read Jeremiah. Each time as I went, my question was am I to read the whole book? Both times, I read only from Chapter 1.

The first time I had only read Chapter 1:1-5 and felt that I had accomplished what the Lord had wanted.

The second time, I again read the first 5 verses, then went on to read the next 5 verses (6-10). By then I knew to a very small degree of understanding of what the Lord was trying to convey to me.

Many times, when we receive a word from the Lord, it takes time. He has fashioned each of His children for a very specific purpose. In this instance, the Lord used His Scriptures and a prophetic word from another. If it had not been for an evangelist who could hear the Lord clearly or my not being obedient by going to the word and reading the passages, I would have missed a very important message/assignment and I would have missed God!

The Lord is so good! He knew that any one part of all that had happened would not have convinced me, that I needed a confirmation. Amazing, that by our simple obedience can make such a difference in our lives.

In the days ahead, our daily provision and our very lives will depend upon our hearing even the slightest whisper of the Holy Spirit and being obedient to His every direction. Yeshua / Jesus said, “I must go to my Father, but I will send you a Helper, the Paraclete, the one called alongside to help you, and His name is the Holy Spirit.