“I will move you like a Chess Piece”



For I know the Plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to bless and prosper and fulfill and to heal and to make you whole and not for calamity and evil.

For I will send you into dark places and you will bring light and nations will be moved and shaken and brought to a place of decision and they shall know that I am God saith the Lord and they will know that I have sent thee.

You will speak with Kings and Presidents and they will seek you out. You will go into the churches and speak for me and reveal my will to all who will hear.

You will comfort my people Israel and become a nest of comfort to them. My love shall wear them out from their works and will lead them to repentance. Speak to the root of their deception and do not hold back what I will show thee.

You have been anointed for this time and I shall move you from one place to another like a chess piece for you are in a great battle.

The words I put into your mouth will move many and encourage and strengthen and give instruction and build-up and stir their hardened hearts, and many will come back to me and many will attach themselves to my purposes saith the Lord.

Be strong and encouraged and of good cheer and I will bless thee and show thee great and mighty things which are about to come.

Wait upon me and trust me and believe upon me and I will deliver thee from the traps of the enemy.

Steve Grable