“Jesus Is the Message”

The Message is Jesus:

It is Not my ministry

It is Not my gifting

It is Not my anointing

It is Not my holiness

It is Not my abilities

It is Not my words

It is Not my influence

It is Not my website

It is Not my books

It is Not my tapes

The Message is Jesus!


It is time to put away all the facades, all of the “My’s” and all of the hypocrisies!

It is Not “our” message!

It is His, the King,  and our Lord Jesus!

There is One ministry,
One anointing, and
One Word and He is Jesus!


It is beyond the time to repent!

For too long we have taken, tortured, twisted and distorted “The Truth”.

O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from the body of death? Rom 7:24

It is Not the fault of God that the church has had so little influence upon the world. It is our sin and our desire to hide our sin from man and God and yet both man and God see our sin for all things are revealed.

Water cannot be both fresh and salt; it cannot be both bitter and sweet!

We can no longer be that man who looked at himself in the mirror and walked away forgetting who he was. We have allowed ourselves to be deceived into thinking we can call Him who is Holy, “Lord”, and live in sin with the rest of the world.

We have grieved His Holy Spirit. We have like Israel become the adulterous wife who left her first love and chased others with little regard for Him and His love toward us.

We have grieved the purposes of God by our behavior. We have made His kingdom a cause for laughter among a rebellious world and we have freshly crucified Christ!

We have sought the old ways of rebellion and walked in our lusts. God will Not be mocked!

He is Holy and will bring swift vengeance upon the church, He has been long suffering but time has run out. “Vengeance is mine”, saith the Lord!

“Because you were neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of My mouth”, saith the Lord.

“Unless you repent and seek My face, withdraw from your sin, seek me, seek me and I will be found. But if Not, then certainly I will come with a sword to the house of God. For I am a jealous God and you are a people called by My Name”.

“Repent and seek me. I will not strive with you any longer. I have called out a Bride Pure and Holy. But you have waked in adultery and at the same time called me Lord, No longer will I allow this to continue!

“Surely, I say unto you, Judgment is coming to the house of the Lord”.

Steve Grable