I hear the Lord saying

“To Awaken, To Warn and To Prepare”


The last few weeks, I have been hearing the Spirit say,

“To awaken, to warn and to prepare”.

To awaken those from their slumber, to warn those who will listen

and prepare ourselves for what is coming and it will come in a very short time.

Our lives are about to be radically changed, everything is about to be shaken!

”The time is urgent, awake your house, warn your neighbors,

“It is time to fill your lamps with oil!”

Several years ago, I had a dream but remember it clearly. I heard the word, “Mandate” from the Lord. The Lord was instructing me to have a wooden machine built that is essentially like an hourglass with the framework but without the hourglass and instead a wooden hammer was in its place.

The Lord impressed upon me the name of a friend, the one who will build this machine when it is time. It was to be portable and in the dream the Lord was telling me that I was to take this with me when I visited other parts of the Body of Christ.

Then I was to place an egg under where the hammer would fall and then allow the hammer to fall upon the egg. When speaking with the Lord, I said, Lord, this will make a tremendous mess; perhaps I should wrap this machine with plastic to contain the egg.


And He said “No, you must allow the hammer to come down upon the egg and make the mess! ”Then you must tell my people, this is what will happen when they disobey me”. “The anointing is as fragile as an egg”. When they do not obey me, they will break the anointing and it will result in a huge mess and great loss!

In Luke 5:4 & 5, Jesus is speaking to Simon Peter saying launch out into the “DEEP” (get out of your comfort zone) and let down your “Nets” (plural). Simon Peter responds “Master”, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the Net” (singular). Verse 6 And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking.

Jesus was not trying to make Simon Peter and the others better fisherman or to bless them with fish. He was trying to teach them that disobedience would cause great loss. If we back up for a moment, in Mark 1:17, when Jesus first came to Simon & Andrew and said to them, “follow me and I will make you “Fishers of Men”. The lesson was “through obedience, we would have the anointing to become fishers of men”.

In John 21:3 a similar situation, the apostles had been fishing all night and had caught nothing. V: 5, Jesus is on the shoreline asking the apostles if they had any food. They answered Him no and He said to them cast down your net on the right side of the boat and you shall find some. So they obeyed the Lord and were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish, the net did not break and the “Harvest” was great yet through obedience there was no loss.

What made the difference in their response? “Their Faith had strengthened & matured because they now knew the power of His Resurrection!

If we are not teachable, we will never feel His touch, never explore His goodness, never experience the fullness of His love, never dive in to the depths of His revelation and never know the Glory of His presence. He only promotes those who have been faithful and obedient with the small things, above all He wants our obedience.

Obedience is directly tied to Faith and without Faith it is impossible to please Him!

In the very near future, obedience will not just be a matter of provision but life and death. The Revival that we have sought for so long is coming. The Lord, though full of mercy will begin the cleansing in His House. We are entering a new season where the price of disobedience will be great loss.

“Obedience is God’s only method of protection in our lives.”


Steve Grable