“Beware America our time is at hand!”


Violence, destruction, fire, lawlessness, great loss, disease, filth, hunger and want is coming upon us.

Because of our false gods, too numerous to count,
Because of our lukewarmness to the one True God,
Because of our treatment of Israel,
Because of the spilling of innocent blood,
Because of sexual promiscuity,
Because of our pride over every small thing,
Because our greed is ever present,

Because we have perfected corruption on every level of society and exported it to every nation upon the earth. We have sowed the seeds of bitterness and hatred to the nations. Now from those seeds have sprung up a Whirlwind that one day soon will sweep this nation into utter chaos.

America will become a laughing stock, a non-player on the stage of world events some will mourn but most will cheer, applaud and rejoice that America has been reduced to the status of a Third World Country!

“But in the midst of affliction, there is great blessing!” As a result of seeing our sin, repentance will break forth like a great dam, whose waters had been held back. But Now, suddenly, the tears of sorrow, sincere sorrow for our sin and Not our loss of comfort will ascend up the Throne of a Holy God. And He will hear our petitions and forgive our sin. Then the “Fire of Revival” will spread throughout America and around the globe.

Millions will be touched by Him who sits upon the Throne. Even the youngest of believers will heal the sick and raise the dead, so that no man may find an opportunity to boast.

It will be dangerous times, and true believers will know one another by their fruits but many occasions, when meeting a stranger, one will give a verse and the other will finish the verse.

All types of miraculous events will occur. When there is little food, the people will pray and the food will be multiplied. (Economically it will remain to be a disaster, and scarcity of basic needs will be the norm) God’s Spirit will be present and great joy in the midst of darkness will shine forth.

Divine meetings will take place with angels and will almost be a common occurrence. Many will be translated by the power of the Holy Spirit from one location to another in order to fulfill God’s purposes.

Steve Grable