“Jezebel and the End time Church”



Awhile back the Lord gave me a brief but to the point “Word” for a Central Florida Pastor.

Believe me when I say, I have the utmost respect for pastors simply because they go about the ministry of the Lord because they Love Him. They know that they are called according to His purposes!

I spoke the word to this Pastor with reluctance but knowing I had to be obedient to the Lord regardless of my personal feelings. I labored for days before I gave it to him.

The “Word” was simple. The Lord instructed me to tell him; the Church he pastored was out of order! There was something fundamentally out of place!

The Lord was giving a command I believe through this short Word for him to seek the Lord and to get further instructions and to correct the problem.

Please note that the Lord chose not to give me the details but only to give a word of warning to him to address this issue. In my spirit, I also believed that this Pastor knew exactly what the Lord was speaking but had no intentions of dealing with the Sin.

After I had finished my task, the Lord finally came to me on two different occasions and revealed to me the issue. The Lord wanted to correct a spirit of control within this pastor and the church he pastored.

The leadership of this particular church had a Jezebel spirit and the Lord had been speaking to him for years and still this man refused to repent and submit his leadership under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This church was growing exponentially and had all the outward appearances that you would expect to find in a church that the Lord was blessing. New people were coming in to the new buildings and there was an abundance of all that appears to be the hand of God.

And yet something was missing!
Then the Lord spoke to me saying,

“There were three types of people who attended this church.

The first group was single women and single mothers.

The second group were families where the woman had usurped the man as the head of the


The third group were families where the man was running from God!”

And then I heard the Lord say, “Great will the fall of that church be!”

I am sure that there were some in that church that did not meet these criteria. Perhaps their mercy overshadowed their discernment, I do not know. But I do know what the Lord has spoken His plans concerning this church and all outward appearances could not be more deceiving.

He was saying that there will be great confusion and all things will be revealed and there would be a scattering of the sheep from that church and there would be great loss!

The enemy is most successful when coming as an angel of light or in this case using most of the truth and just a little deception. It would be foolish to print a denomination of currency that does not exist and so it is with the enemy. He always uses something that looks like the original since he can create nothing.

A counterfeit can only exist in an environment where there is a similar item, which is genuine!

A Jezebel spirit was leading this church, Not the Holy Spirit!

This pastor was building a kingdom but it did not belong to the Lord!

Personality and charisma had become a god in and of itself. The reigns of this church are being held tightly by this pastor, there was no room for the Holy Spirit.

Every move was carefully examined and weighed to generate more income.

There was even a study conducted to estimate the total dollar value of each seat in the auditorium over the course of several years. For this reason it was decided to build upstairs seating in order to generate…. more income.

This is not an isolated case among the churches of today!

God has very little to say in most churches, that is why the message has so little power.

If the message is not given to the people then how can lives be changed?

Most leaders in today’s churches have no holiness in their lives and without a shepherd without a vision, the people perish!
The anointing oil ran down Aaron’s head down to the body. When the head (leadership) is not correctly aligned under the Lordship of Jesus, how will the Body of Christ be anointed?

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice but when the wicked are in authority, the people mourn. Unfortunately, many leaders who are overseeing churches should not be in those positions and very soon, the Lord will either bring them to repentance or remove them entirely.

There are too many false shepherds! If they ever had a calling, they chose to walk in disobedience and began to build their own kingdoms and forsook their Lord!

The Lord has spoken to me several times about what was coming concerning many of His prophets being sent to leaders of all denominations. The Lord’s prophets will be speaking His word either for direction and encouragement or to speak a harsh word of reproof and correction.

There will be leaders in the pulpit and they will have refused to obey the Lord over and over for the Lord is graciously patient and longsuffering but these leaders were full of rebellion.

The prophet of the Lord will come in and give a word and there will be leaders whose lives will be taken from them while they are in the pulpit. 

There will be other times the Lord’s prophet will give a word of correction and the congregation will seek the prophet’s life and the Lord will have to supernaturally rescue the prophet.

There will be more churches than not who will refuse the correction of the Lord and will become the enemy of the “One True Body of Christ”. Yet, the Lord has a remnant of people in many denominations that love Truth and will seek Him at all cost.

There is a great fear coming upon the Church! 

This will be a fear and a reverence of the Lord like the modern day church has never experienced. It will be as in the days of Ananias and Sapphira who when they lied to the Holy Spirit both dropped dead on the spot!

When this happened, the bible says that a great fear came upon the Church and that is exactly what is about to happen.

When this begins, all facades will drop! The Sin in the Church will be revealed!

The Lord will receive a Pure Bride without spot or wrinkle. He under no circumstances will receive the Church in her current state!

Holiness and Purity is what is expected of the Church, there can be no substitute!

This is the prerequisite to revival!
Why would a Holy God bring a massive revival in to the Church only for the Church to corrupt them?

The Holy Spirit will be bringing a holiness and purity to the End time Church that will distinguish us from all other religious entities. For we will have become obedient and holy to the Lord.

Then and only then will the greatest harvest of souls begin that Heaven has ever seen!

Steve Grable